Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Answer to Global Warming

Somehow, in the midst of this entire banking crisis....came this remarkable statement from a leading global warming scientist, who now believes slowdown in the world could very well give the world a chance to step down excessive high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This scientist....a Nobel winner.....Paul J Crutzen, believes that this entire mess could slow carbon dioxide emissions and trigger more careful use of energy resources. His statement? "We could have a much slower increase of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere ... people will start saving (on energy use) ... but things may get worse if there is less money available for research and that would be serious."

I sat and pondered this. He basically believes that folks would lessen their lifestyle and thus make this a positive trend. He has some points. We won't live as richly. We won't travel via airlines much. We won't be going to Vegas or NY City much. We won't demand big cars or anything new. We will live on the frugal side.

So maybe in some weird way....we'll save the destroying our banking sector. Makes perfect sense.

Fighting for Fake Snow?

Up around the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort. For years, near the San Fransisco Peaks....the ski sloop guys had wanted to run a snow-making machine and ensure more ski potential. They had money and were willing to fund the whole thing....rather than ask the government for a "bailout" loan (naturally, Barney Frank would have said yes).

But problems a local Indian tribe said that the San Fransisco mountain area was holy, and that artificial snow was just not right. I'm guessing immortal Indian souls would have been disturbed by the fake snow. I'm not much into this Indian history business....and fully realize that Indians are simply descents from Russia....going back 25,000 years or so. I know they hate to hear this....but in actuality....they are descendants from there.

This week....after agreeing in court that the owners of the mountain could put up fake snow machines....they also gave the Indians lots of time to move ahead and challenge this to the next step....and will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court by summer of next year.

The lawyer for the tribe.....Harry Shanker..... says the order preserves the status quo and protects the rights of the Indians opposed to the resort's plan to make snow on the San Francisco Peaks.

The amusing thing is that this part of the mountain is owned by the ski shop guys and makes money for everyone around the local area. I'm guessing that certain folks didn't get their fair shakedown of cash, and figured a court case would stall this until someone paid them off. The truth is....the ski guys just ain't going to stop. And I'm frankly standing in their corner. From every mention in the local press.....the Indians have no legal entitlement to this section of the mountain. And if they did.....why have a stand against fake snow? You only make yourself and the tribe look foolish in the end.

So maybe by next fall....when you'd like to go up for a early ski might actually find some fake snow there......and get a couple of runs in.

The Massachusetts Flaggers?

Unlike most states....who allowed road construction companies to hire plain old vanilla flag-wavers as the "safety" concept of daylight construction....Massachusetts was the one state that mandated that only real police could be flaggers. I know you are sitting and chuckling.....laughing at the idea of paying a fairly high wage for some "real" cop who would weave a flag....but these guys allowed such behavior.

Sometime in the past year....the legislature decided it was time to finally dump this rule. No other state had ever carried this foolishness to such an extent.

Yesterday.....dozens of cops decided that they would disrupt road maintenance crews and went into some type of heckle event with the new civilian flaggers.

One local police chief....from Woburn......Chief Philip Mahoney and on-duty officers had to restore order, telling the roughly 50 protesters....mostly all off-duty officers from Woburn and surrounding stay out of the way of the crews clearing catch basins.

In a moment of off-duty officer apparently drove down the street against the flow of traffic. He then wanted to tell everyone that he'd been misdirected by a flagger.

When cops act like cops.....I have words of praise for them. When cops act like 14-year old punk kids....I don't have nothing nice to say about them. Punks that act like this.....are behaving like some kind of misguided union guy....NOT an actual real policeman.

I kinda have to sit back and laugh. For years.....these guys got significant extra playing the flag routine. They really didn't do anything....and this all added up. They had the protection of political ensure only "real flaggers who were cops" was authorized. Meanwhile....almost every state allowed flaggers, and in most really wasn't a job that paid anything beyond minimum wage.

I would suggest that these guys ought to think about the perception here. They are supposed to be cops and be professional in carrying out law and order. Waving a flag....never was a law and order thing. Trust me.....ask any California cop....ask any Texas Ranger....ask any cop from Florida.

I'm hoping after a month or two....these guys realize that life goes on and they don't need to be immature about public service. It doesn't help their reputation or their situation for pay act like a 14-year old.

The Banking Saga Continues

So for those curious how foreign banks and things are going....lets talk of Iceland. The number two bank in Iceland is about to fail. The curious thing is that they ran to Europe and begged for several billion keep things going. They were turned down flat by every single country. Even the possibility of the US helping them....was a big zero. So Iceland did a very remarkable thing....they engaged Russia...the mafia giant of the Earth.

So today....Russia arranged for a loan with the number two bank of Iceland for $5.4 billion. The solution if this had failed....was national bankruptcy. They didn't have anything to back up their loans or debt.

The business journals and sources ended the story at that point. I sat there.....knowing how Russia and its government works....and just smiled. There is more to this story.

Russia does nothing unless their agenda comes out in the plus column. I'm guessing that Russian managers will be part of the Icelandic bank and will work themselves into the various management positions. Eventually....some element of Russian diplomacy will create various relationships that go deep into the heart of the Icelandic government. The Russians will benefit a thousand times over in the years ahead because of this "help". Whether its oil reserves or a military base....they get a huge plus in their efforts.

The Icelandic dimwits who thought that they had all the safeguards in place....were wrong. They just opened the front door and invited the wolf in....and he won't be leaving soon.