Friday, 17 October 2008

The Madonna Spiral

From what appears in the press over the Madonna divorce episode with Mr Ritchie...I will offer the following observations.

Madonna appears to have found her public appeal and audience trends to be sorrowful over the past couple of years. She is a faded rock star now. At some point this year....she decided that staying in London wasn't going to fix this problem. So she wanted to move out to New York City....on a permanent basis (not this two weeks every two months routine). She wanted Mr Ritchie to pay for this....out of his stash. The interesting aspect to this episode, is that Mr Ritchie declined.

No one speaks much about her millions but I'm guessing she has alot less in cash than she did five years ago. I'm also guessing that she needed him to pull out the money to reestablish her in New York City as a trendy person....meaning $1 million in pocket money per month. Mr Ritchie isn't that type of guy. He might freely spend $20k a week....but it appears that he has a limit on spending.

So she intends to strike out on her own.....using up the money she has restart the career that is stalled. At some point by the end of 2009.....I'm guessing she will end up on stage and trying to make some kinda new career deal with a broadway show. Her real career? I'm of the thinking that she's virtually finished as a routine and regular rock star. She's the new "Cher" and she better get used to it.

Adding to the break-up.....she got into this mental attitude that she needed to adopt another kid....out of Africa. For Mr Ritchie....this was some amusing mental attitude that was shaping into a weird fantasy. She thinks of this as saving someone and influencing the world.....and as Mr Ritchie rightly has no impact and doesn't fix anything for anyone. Its another Madonna day in the Madonna universe.

My prediction is that she ends up married to Alex Rodriguez by the end of 2009. This sap ends up sponsoring her trendy spending habits and probably makes it through 2012 before he figures out that this gal (55 then) is a high-cost, high-maintenance pig. She probably will bring him close to bankruptcy although the guy is pulling in $20 million a year. Her singing career....pretty much limited to NY City and Europe.