Sunday, 19 October 2008

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

So this weekend, I rented the last Indiana Jones movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I hadn't watched it when it came to the theaters.

About twenty minutes into the movie....I was questioning myself over having picked this selection. The script died somewhere after fifteen minutes and I was thinking this was a fairly dim movie. An hour into the movie....nothing had improved.

As I wrapped up this 120-minute movie...I just sat there laughing. It was a terrible waste of talent to bring these folks together and stick them to this script. The story went nowhere.

I have to be fairly honest. I considered the first Jones movie to be a classic....with the second being fairly awful and barely a 2-star movie. The third movie survived primarily because of the plot and one of the better scripts done in years. I'm hoping this is the end of the Indiana Jones line, and just it go. I can't see it improving.

Hammer Time

I missed this story from early September.....apparently.....some woman up around the Chicago area decided it was time to hit her husband in the head with hammer....primarily because she felt he was a alien. Gabrielle Graffia....who we will merely say is in her early 50s....ended up arrested by the cops and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for trying to hit husband Ronald with a hammer. Luckily in the midst of this episode...the cops arrived to find them both out in front of the house.....wrestling. The cops tried to get a motive out of Gabrielle but she was absolutely convinced that her husband was a alien and wanted to kill her. The cops did search the house....and ended up finding evidence of prescribed drugs.....which Gabrielle did admit she was taking them for a mental illness.

Over the years, I've known a number of women who believed their husbands were aliens....although none ever discussed alien plans of murdering them. None of them ever used a hammer on the husband, although I suspect that half would have enjoyed using a hammer for a whack or two.....just for the heck of it.

I'm guessing Gabrielle's husband...Ronald....will be really nice about charges and eventually drop them. I'm also guessing that all the hammers in the house will be locked up and tightly controlled. But don't worry.....Gabrielle is smart gal....she'll new weapons in the future, and eventually come to the conclusion that Ronald is a alien again....and have to whack on him.

Bama Voters, Growing Day by Day

As most of you know....I am from Bama....and I am into statistics.

This week....came an unusual event in six Bama counties. They have actually registered more folks on their voting rolls....than they have of people of voting age. At least this is what the U.S. Census Bureau estimates. I don't usually argue with these folks because they are the head bean counters.

Now, I am of the type that would analyze and ponder this event. It is possible that several thousand dead folks are on the rolls of the six counties. Its possible that some folks moved from one county to another....and simply signed up at the new you'd expect.

The curious thing here....are the spoken words by the Bama Secretary of State (Beth Chapman)...who said: "I can't say it's impossible that 100 percent of adults in five or six counties are registered to vote. But it is improbable."

What happens if all of these folks do vote? I'm predicting a pretty hefty schedule for the county prosecutor in each case for 2009. Lots of folks will find themselves in court to explain double-voting or false registrations. Jail will be likely outcome for some folks. And for you dead folks voting in Bama....I'm thinking something is wrong here.

Universal This and Unverisal That

I've blogged a bit this week on universal health care. With the Hawaii episode developing the termination of child universal health becomes major topic again. Most folks who are anti-universal health care will smile at the episode in Hawaii because things occurred just like analysts predicted....the middle class dumped their previously held deals with health care and instead jumped right into the state-rigged deal. The guys who organized this Hawaii program never anticipated that this would happen...figuring instead that only the poor would climb into the cheap state program.

I'm not much of a supporter of the universal health care program. I've seen it at work in Germany and realize the various problems associated with it, the real costs, and the huge amount of discipline thats required on doctors, nurses, hospitals and drug companies. Selling universal health care is practically impossible unless you just ram it down people's throats....namely doctors, nurses, hospitals and drug companies. Savings for the middle-class? In the end....I doubt that any middle-class guy ever saves a penny....and likely has to contribute more so that the lower-class can have the precious program.

I sat and pondered this entire concept of universal health care....and then came to some interesting thoughts.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal vet care for your pets? If you own a pet, you pay $75 a year for each one and you get free vet care for your dog, cat or mouse? Every pet would be covered and poor folks wouldn't worry about their dog and his worms problem.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal car repair? If you own a car, you pay $788 a year for each car and you get free maintenance at your local mechanics shop. You get a special card and when issues drive in and get free care. Need a new transmission....don't worry....universal car care will protect you.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal septic tank repair? If you own a house with a septic tank, you pay $88 a year for free septic tank coverage. You got pull out your septic card and call the local guy, and he digs up the tank....replaces it....and leaves smiling because the bill is taken care by the government.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal lawn care? You pay $185 a year which would provide a lawn specialist to mow your lawn every week.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal plumbing care? You pay $850 a year which would provide free care for all your plumbing in the house. This would ensure poor folks get the same kind of care as everyone else.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal massage service? You pay $59 a month which would provide two visits to the local massage therapist. Rich people and poor people would qualify. Everyone would get a boost in their morale.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal congressional support? You pay $88 a month for the same service and support that rich people get when they run up and demand congressional folks write up special laws to exempt them from taxes.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal newspapers? You pay $22 a month to get a newspaper on your lawn....and help all of those poor folks get a newspaper on their lawn as well.

If universal health care makes sense, why not universal fast food? You pay $80 a month to get a ration of Wendys or Burger King burgers....and poor people would also get their ration.

In the were earning $48k a year.....and the total amount you see at the end of the year in your $2k. The rest went to universal something, taxes, and social security. At least everyone would be happy....especially the folks who stayed home and never worked.