Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My Best Blog of All Time?

I've written an awful lot. To sit and ponder this analysis and come to my best blog ever.....took a good twenty minutes. I've been writing since the spring of 2005. It never was supposed to be more than five or six blogs a month. I really didn't see a reason for this except it would improve my writing skills. I eventually came to have a small audience and various commentary coming back at me. At some point, I just cut loose.....if I felt like five blogs on a Saturday....I'd do it. If I felt I could write 100 blogs in a month....I'd do it.

So my nominee for the best blog ever? It was 10 Apr 2008, and my 100. I sat for a week....thinking of 100 statements that only I could make....about myself. And I eventually came to some sarcastic and truthful statements. They were pure, and likely with a bit of humor intended. The only person insulted by them? Me....and thats probably an intentional effort because I just don't intend to insult folks (unless they really were idiots in the first place). Maybe some folks have more preferred blogs.....but thats my number one choice.