Wednesday, 19 November 2008

UN Fancy Barn Roof Artwork

So a bunch of folks associated with the UN's group for saving starving folks, decided to redo room XX there in Geneva. This is a 16,000 square foot meeting room, kinda like a big indoor barn but a good bit fancier.

So they tossed and turned....and finally agreed, that while there are starving folks n the world....they could afford to toss $23 million dollars to some guy who would remake the room.

This guy....Miquel Barcelo got a bunch of guys....painters, designers, etc.....and put together this masterpiece. This was the best picture I could find, and it really doesn't do much to sell this entire project. In real folks poured in after the grand opening.....things just kinda went downhill from that point on.

The best I can say is that it looks like some fella took a bunch of barn paint....a case of Jack Daniels....and then went into some cave and just tore loose with barn painting brushes. It looks more like a cave....than a actual room.

I believe, with the vast experience that my brother and I have...with barn painting.....we could have done basically the same job...for a bit less than $23 million. In fact......if you had offered all the catfish we could eat....a case of ice cold beer, and $40.....we could have done this in one Saturday afternoon.

Apparently, the King and Queen of Spain showed up for this grand show....along with the UN chief and the president of Switzerland. Everyone acted genuinely foolish until some of the media asked if this was it for $23 million and if they would have been better off just painting a gray ceiling and giving the money to starving folks.

Bluntly, this is why I don't buy into rescuing the world from the terrible things that we see on TV. I don't buy these stories. If you hand some idiot $100 and think they will save anyone....first they'll have a fancy dinner and discuss how to get more of your money....and then later build a nice room where they can permanently meet to discuss how to get more of your money. In the end.....the starving guy has already died.....and starving guy number two has taken his place.

In this episode....some Spanish guy has basically taken $23 million....and financed his retirement along with about a dozen other folks. The UN guys? Just pitiful fools.....because they are working on another room somewhere paint up like some barn roof.