Saturday, 22 November 2008

Just a Whiff of a Chill in the Air

Quietly....ever so quietly....there have been a couple of Canadian environmental scientists this week who poured over data from the new Jason satellite. They were a bit shocked....and then climbed out of their lab to indicate that a cycle of twenty-three years is about to start....hard cold and harsh cooling just a mile or two up the road.

This fancy satellite....which survey ocean showing a much larger than normal persistent Pacific Decadal Oscillation. This data related to a period of cooler weather which typically lasts up to 25 years.

The curious thing here...if the boys are that this defies climate beliefs that human-emitted carbon dioxide was completely responsible for the recent cycle of global warming (1970s-1990s)...may not worth discussing much in the future.

If the boys are may be wise to lay in a bit of firewood....prepare the attic for some extra insulation....and buy a couple of extra snow-shovels each winter. Life just might be a little bit more miserable than that global warming period that you "enjoyed".

The "Robin Hood" Solution

Ever the midst of any serious discussion on climate change or global warming...and they get around to telling you how things can be improved or fixed....and there is this "Robin Hood" moment...where they suggest carbon credits or extra taxes or higher fees or revenue vehicles involved?

I sat there listening to NPR about a month much as I hate to admit that I listen to the network...and their poor host was stuck interviewing this global warming enthusiast....and the "Robin Hood" moment came. I sat there...smiling...knowing precisely that the entire discussion prior to that...was bogus. You can't have any serious discussion on climate control....without a "Robin Hood" moment.

Somehow...these well educated individuals who have fallen into the serious debate of global warming....typically lean back toward Robin the way to fix various problems that have nothing much to do with climate or global warming.

Its a very weak argument to be "Robin Hood" and fix your problems by taking away assets, money, or give to some third-world country. In most discussions....this is the other amusing trend....everything gained...must go to third-world places that most of us can't even point at on the map....yet our cash would flow into Tonga....and it'd save the we are led to believe.

I admit as a kid....I was always fascinated by Robin Hood and felt the story was a great script for a movie. If you asked me that it was right to take from the rich and give to the poor....I would have laughed and asked what evil sheriff am I taking it from....not some poor sap from Red Bay, Bama.....who makes more than the regular guy and therefore owes a "Robin Hood" tax to some environmentalist who vacations in Bali and sips expensive booze on the beach there.

The problem here is that I'm just not naive enough. I need to believe in Bigfoot, climate change, Loch Ness, aliens, and global warming. Its going to take a bit of hard drinking, excessive living, and prescription get me into that state. I'm not sure its the best or most practical answer to this problem.

The "Lassie" Tax

How bad does it get to live in California?

Apparently, somewhere in the midst of the revenue issues and budget crisis of the state....where they are almost ready to ask for a $15 billion dollar fed "loan"....the Governor.....Schwarzenegger himself.....has asked for a broader sales and use tax. This is to include "luxury" items such as veterinary services.

Apparently....a number of folks in California are up in arms over this episode and trying to get pet owners across the state to take action and contact the state legislature to stop this tax.

The president of Social Compassion in Legislation....Julie Mancuso says: "Our companion animals are family members and taking care of their health is a responsibility, not a discretionary spending decision like golf or furniture repair. No other medical professions were included in the sales tax proposal, and with record numbers of families already making the unfortunate choice to abandon their pets because they cannot afford them in today's economy, the last thing we need to do is increase medical costs."

If I ever sat write the one hundred reasons that I'd never move to'd probably take less than fifteen minutes to write those one hundred reasons. This is a pitiful place to be....and I feel sorry for all of you who are stuck out in the state.

Stealing Invisible Weapons

For those who don't son is a World of Warcraft warrior (sadly). Its a claim thats almost worthless in my mind....but least he's not out on the street of the village....drinking excessively with the other worthless punks out there.

Six months ago....a player in his league....unknown to him.....came upon my son's account and realized the number of weapons that he had acquired. And with some various deceit....ended up going into my son's account and basically stealing all of the weapons. This really upset my son....for a number of days. In his mind....he had earned these weapons....and they were stolen.

This week....some EU folks wrote up a White Paper....and are presenting this idea of protecting invisible weapons. Because of the growth in on-line gaming....and the growth of theft of various weapons associated with this gaming....the EU guys think that something has to be done. So this paper is an introduction to orientate folks to the situation....and prepare them for some change in 2009.

The game guys have no problem with this. They make $3 billion easily each year off these various gamers. They'd like to have happy gamers. Statistics suggest that thirty percent of all gamers have had some type of theft or fraud committed against them. So naturally.....we have to protect the dimwits.

This entire discussion bothers me....although in an amusing way. I just don't see any cops out there who would want to investigate some invisible weapons being stolen. Its hard enough to get them to come out and investigate my lawn furniture being stolen or my bar-b-q grill or some keying on my car door. Even if you noted four big suspicious guys walking around in boxer shorts in the downtown might be two hours before any cops showed up.

So I'm guessing we'll see a EU law across least forty lines in length....with jail times prescribed and authority given to cops and judges to render justice....on invisible weapons. Where has our society gone?

Discrimination Version 8.1

A week ago, there amongst the 63 questions that the Obama team put out...was question 59. It had to deal with ownership of guns.

A number of NRA folks have kinda gotten upset about this question and are wondering if it discriminates against a guy who owns a gun legally.

In fact....Senator DeMint (R-SC) strongly urges a law on discrimination around this type of questioning. We already have various laws on protection of ethnic groups, sexuality, age, the boys are busy considering the newest type of discrimination.

When I first read question 59....I sat there for a minute and kinda laughed. Why would they need to know the status of a guy's gun habits or his collection? The more I thought about it....the more fake concern I saw. come to admit something that really isn't very important unless some media group suddenly realizes that you have five guns in your house. Then they start asking alot of stupid how you acquired them and why you need five guns in the house. By the time you are forced to appear on Larry King....its become a national issue of no significance....other than realizing that you do own five guns.

This is the sad shape of America today....wanting to discuss your personal the extent of its vast unimportance. Eventually, they will want to know what magazines I've subscribed to....the extent of my car wax situation (if ever).....the amount of pecans and almonds I consume on a monthly feelings on Bonanza and Gunsmoke.....the average monthly consumption of toilet paper (maybe a bit extreme).....the number of scratches I have from my cat on a weekly basis....and precise amount of sugar I put into my ice tea (zero).

I hate creating a vast land of discrimination protection....which might even include protecting Ford owners in the next decade or two. The problem is that....this is our nation tonight....for whatever value, significance or reality it represents.