Sunday, 23 November 2008

World Toilet Day

This week...World Toilet Day...came and went....well...mostly went. I doubt if any of you fine folks even noticed. So I went around and found a fair number of toilet facts:

* The average person spends three years of their life on the “toilet”. I'm a 60-second guy I won't fall into that wasteful three year group.

* You typically flush around 2500 times a year....although I'm probably a 1200-flush guy myself.
* Most of you folks use about eight sheets of toilet paper a day....although I'm a 44-sheet guy per day kinda guy.

* Sadly....over two billion folks on the Earth....don't have an actual real toilet.

* Someone actually figured out that around 1.8 million folks die a year because of poor santitation around toilets.

* The first real flusher toilet....didn't occur until 1596 by some pretty smart British noble guy (kin of the Queen). Apparently, he didn't see a big rush on this business....and only made one. Most folks kinda laughed at him....and he was fairly ridiculed for the act of inventing it.

A Brief Pause

I waited several days after this event of the kid in Florida who cam'ed his suicide online....with various people watching....most thinking it was fake....and it wasn't.

It bothers me....but its something that I would have predicted. The internet provides a vast audience for people and their causes, agendas and fantasies. This guy....Abraham Biggs....was bipolar (his sister came around to admit he was being treated for it). I'm pretty sure that helped motivate him and get this entire situation to the point where it is today.

A number of upset and mentally ill folks are going to pause over this story....and start to contemplate their own version of the cam suicide. In the months to'll turn into a weekly event. This is like a magnet in some ways....showing some way of getting a vast audience for your final scene. For most of us....its really not something we'd like to witness or allow on the internet, but we can't really stop it.

Whatever Mr. Biggs intended....really didn't match up with reality. His family has to cope with this mess now....a life left unfulfilled....and the attention of a public that really wasn't desired. When various TV shows call and want to interview you on your brother or son's death via the internet....its not exactly a moment you'd like to share. Life goes on....but not quiet the same way that you would have envisioned.

Weather Channel Smoke Clears

The suggestion of downsizing at the Weather Channel occurred on Friday....and I blogged it to some degree. We now know that the entire environmental segment "Forecast Earth" and its entire staff...are gone. The amusing thing is that it occurred during Earth week....when they were really pumping out alot of global warming titillating information.

Dave Schwartz who did some animated bits and was a decent weather front also gone. I'm guessing his cost probably bothered the NBC guys a bit....and he had to go.

So what you a plain-vanilla weather channel it was in the very beginning. I'm guessing that those who really need weather information....will continue to find it there. Those seeking environmental news....can go back to watching Al Gore clips....and life will go on.

As for Heidi Cullen....the environmentalist of the Weather Channel....I'd suggest you prep up your resume and beg those kind folks over at CNN for a spot there. Maybe you can talk them into an hour-long environmental news update each day and report Al Gore's daily consumption of electricity. Maybe even the White House might be interested in your talents as a Global Warming Czar, if they were dumb enough to create such a position. As for the big salary game you've enjoyed the last year or two....this is the moment of reality that they always warned you about.