Thursday, 27 November 2008

Adios Pontiac!

Trying to confuse congress and the media even rumor that GM's CEO (Rick Wagoner).....will make a decision shortly to either dump or sell Saab, Saturn and Pontiac brands in order to improve its chances of getting one of those fantastic bail-outs that congress is famous for.

I sat there kinda laughing. Tens of millions of Americans grew with Pontiac....and now to see the "Titanic" of cars on the verge of striking a has to be very painful.

My impression of SAAB? There are probably two or three organizations out there.....maybe even a Russian mafia group....that might be interested in buying the organization.

And as for Saturn? I found this rather funny that they'd finally dump Saturn. I always thought they made money and were a non-union operation out of Tennessee....which is confusing to see why you'd want to dump a positive deal.

Will congress fall for this deal? As stupid as the fools are....yes, I'm already betting on it.

The Ten Negatives of Alabama

This is a two-parter. I have decided to sit down and actually lay out the top ten positives and ten negatives of Bama. I realize some folks may take a hostile view of this....and some may question my positives....but sit for a while and think about my logic. So get the ten negatives of Bama:

1. First, this thing about NCAA football....Auburn....Alabama....has turned into a major negative. Frankly, the idea that forty percent of the state are now tuned into football from August to November....and its a major part of their lives....its a problem. They watch the tapes over and over. They talk about the coaches like they are Hollywood stars. They even shoot people over who wins whatever game. So, not to talk too badly about some of you folks.....but frankly...this football business is dragging the state down. Couldn't we bring in ice-hockey or NCAA Rodeo action instead?

2. Dry counties. Whenever this topic comes up....I always have to explain why a county is dry and the history behind it. Most folks from California simply can't believe someone of a religious mentality would hold an entire county hostage over booze. Then I kinda explain to the guy that we all tend to drive over to the next up lots of booze....give them the booze tax revenue and then drive home. We end making the religious guys happy over the fact that they think we are in a booze-free county....but we really aren't.

3. Speedtraps. Basically....this entire game of pumping up a local area with this speedtrap money....has irked an awful lot of folks. I suspect that eighty percent of the adult population in Bama....has been cited at least five or six times in their life....and some guys maybe thirty or forty (all paying $40 to the cop to avoid any tickets). Frankly.....its making folks question authority and respect for the law.

4. Karl Rove. You either love the Alabamian or you hate him. Its that simple. He's either rigging up various tricks for those poor democrat guys to fall flat on their face....or he's undoing years of effort to set up various corrupt practices that folks thought were legal....but just aren't legal. What I'd like to swap Karl to another Alaska....and maybe bring in that Palin woman instead.

5. Mary-J-U-Wanna. Without any doubt....Bama is regarded as the biggest producer of Mar-J-U-Wanna in America (well....the cops think that anyway). Its bad enough that folks regard it as a bigger crop than soybeans or corn or cotton. This really casts some clouds over Bama and its purity in America. I'd really like to fix this issue....but then....who would steal this business from us and what would we replace this fine crop with? Then things get to be really difficult to explain.

6. Taking religion to the ninth degree. Somewhere in our generous nature and love of life.....we have a fair amount of Bama folks who simply have signed up with some religious group....and tossed things into turbo overdrive. We aren't just mild or semi-mild Baptists....we tend to be overjoyed and really stuck up on the religion. Bama folks stuck on Jehovah's? Yep....same deal. Bama folks who walk around and try to start up local 3rd world religious groups....asking for $400 to fix up some bills and get you in good with the new church? Yep....we do that too. We even get into TV religious groups....dope ourselves up real good....then donate $100 to some effort to get a bunch of kids in Kenya educated....although $78 stays with the religious group channel. We'll even have these religious folks show up at a funeral home for a "showing" for friends and relatives....then question folks there about the guy's religion.....questioning for sure if he went to heaven or not.

7. We don't exactly pretend to be worldly but then we really don't possess that knowledge anyway. The truth is....most Bama folks have not traveled more than 500 miles outside of the state in their life. When they do travel....they either go to Orlando, New Orleans, Nashville or Dolphin Island (for some reason, most folks even consider Dolphin Island to be outside of the state). If you find some guy whose been to Alaska....he's like a holyman or astronaut thus inviting fifty people to come over to visit and ask stupid questions.

8. The only idiots who run for public office....tend to be folks that we'd really not trust in life....and the central theme of their election the new Testament that they carry in their hand. The picture of their family that they always want to show but the son is in rehab and the wife is threatening to divorce them because of some woman in Jackson who keeps calling at home. These are the same idiots who talk the local city into buying a $1 billion sewage system, which they could have bought for $250 million instead.

9. Trucks which just wouldn't pass a safety inspection. On any given day in Bama.....I'm willing to bet that eight percent of the trucks on the road....would not pass a safety inspection. Folks look the other way....and simply pretend its not an issue.

10. The twang. Ten years ago...I had to fly back into Bama and went shopping. I ended having a lady help with various suits I wanted....and I had to admit that half of whatever she said....was simply not understandable. The twang.....was just overwhelming. Most folks have a simple twang....which even my folks still readily use. But there are those few....who are almost like a foreigner in the state.

So there....not that I wanted to slap some of you folks around....but this is the top ten negatives of the state. get the top ten positives. Maybe you'll forgive me for my efforts today. Maybe.

Why Be Thankful?

It is another Thanksgiving day. One of fifty in my life. I have tasted the fine food of the day, and paused to reflect over things in life.

Why be thankful?

Somewhere down this great road of life....there are a thousand things involving my perception of "thanks".

I have my heath, my wit, and my character to be thankful about.

I have a thousand places in life that I have visited and felt appreciative about their purpose and being.

I have sat and listened to a thousand people tell their story, their woes, their sorrows, and their accomplishments.

I have seen things of great courage, and things that required lives be lost in order for something good to come in the aftermath.

I have felt pains replaced by healing....some physical, and some mental.

I have met people who have lived rich lives and never for a moment stopped to pause and consider their position in life and if they should be thankful....but then they have miles to go....before they can sleep. And others I've met....give thanks every single day....without considering the long list of things they've actually done....its just automatic feeling of being appreciative of their situation in life.

So on this Thanksgiving day....for a guy who has traveled long and far from Bama....I have a bit more than most to be thankful for. There are a thousand things that I'd rather be doing, and maybe I could have done some many things better....but this is the path I've gone. And everyday has been a blessing in disguise.

Historical View of Marriage

With the Proposition Eight episode in California...over gay marriages....I have sat around and looked over history and how this event fits into the tidy business of the past.

In the 1600s....with the Pilgrim-like atmosphere on the East Coast...there was no registration with some county seat or a license. If you were a would sit with a woman....who you likely met via the church....discussed your likes of her....and the marriage rigged up via the local church. They might have written this down in the church documents, or it might have been "registered" via the family Bible. Basically....the Feds, the state and the county....were left out.

As you go into the 1700s....the trend here stayed the same....with little in terms of change. Certainly, the idea of simply running off and becoming a "couple"....did increase because families or churches had issues (Baptists should only marry Baptists).

What you start to see in the 1800s....because of arguements in court...over ownership of property and such....was a necessity to register folks at the county seat or local town. This way, you knew this guy was married to so-and-so....and when he died...she became the rightful owner of the house or farm.

As time went by....this state by state registration business became even more important because certain states had a very tough marriage law situation (you had to be 21 to make a decision on your own in some cases) states where you could marry at 14 with dad's permission (Mississippi). Some states wanted a blood test. Some states were kinda easy on you marrying your cousin (just don't advertise the fact that he is your cousin in public though). Some states wanted you to wait a month or two after getting the make sure you were really sure. Some states said to come on in....get the license....and get married ten minutes later (for a price of course).

So this relationship between the church marriage and the state marriage....kinda started to dissolve as we walked into the 1900's. Why mess with the church wedding when you can just go down to the justice of the peace....get a quick wedding done?

So as we proceed into the 1990s....and the establishment of the gay agenda....then this entire game of marriage started to become a topic of discussion. The middle ground suggested? A civil union. You basically went down to the county seat or a civil union license.....and then you were fixed on the property issue.

Amusingly enough....that really didn't fix anything. Gays in massive numbers....don't consider a civil union to be a marriage. To be kinda honest here....most guys don't really consider a be a marriage....and are screwing around with the old liaison or girlfriend within days of the marriage....but thats another topic of discussion.

Are there any agenda angles that people don't talk about in this entire discussion? Well....its believed that the gay front guys want to eventually force acceptance of marriages across the entire US....and then turn to churches....and force them to conduct the marriage. This is one bit of futuristic thinking and likely to be two decades away from reality.....but the truth would not be that difficult to make a court case and threaten to take away their tax-free status if they refused to cooperate.

Could we have cases of where Joe the 45-year old guy shows up in Mississippi with Bob the 15-year old boyfriend....demanding that the locals marry the two? Yes....this is a very likely scenario. The state guys....would of course....deny the original marriage....but after a lengthly court case....basically be forced to allow it. The state of Mississippi...realizing the impact of marrying older guys to teenage boys....would quickly dissolve this rule and likely require everyone to be age 21....just to make things awful hard for everyone.

Its funny how we started this legal state-viewed marriage fix discussions on ownership of property....and we've now embarked on the use of this to make acceptance of gays as part of that tool.

My Bama logic says maybe its time to reverse trend things....and just say adios to state-marriages. No certificates, no licenses, no state rules. You can still run off (the 1700s method of a quick fix) or do a church thing which kinda makes you feel married. I'm pretty sure everyone will be upset by this idea....but the more you think about it....the less pain for all it provides. We stop arguing about gays....divorce....and even dump the tax advantages. I'm probably opening up a can of worms on this....but simply a moment of pondering.