Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Truth Juice

News reports indicate that the Indian dudes who captured the one "killer" from the Mumbai episode over the weekend....will be using "truth serum" today....and fill in the holes to the entire episode.

Naturally, this Bama dude's mind was at work....wondering and pondering.....why did we ever torture these Islamic fools in Gitmo or even run this entire Gitmo operation.....if "truth serum" was available?

Am I off-line or being a bit naive? Is "truth serum" torture? Is it forbidden by the UN or the state of Missouri? Does "truth serum" cause cancer or enhanced sexual drive? Would "truth serum" be too easy and thus unacceptable?

I sit and pause now....wondering about this. Quietly I wonder if we could shoot up a senator once a week on Wolfe Blitzer's Sunday show....with truth serum and see what exactly he admits to? Or is this simply just wrong? Something that I ponder.


What companies have come and gone...without bailout? A pause here by a historian of no great note. Both Packard and Fiat USA...went without a bailout. AMC and Stutz went without a bailout. TWA, Pan Am and Western Airlines....all went without a bailout. Eastern Airlines and Air Hawaii went without a bailout. Just food for thought.

St Louis

Its a curious city.....St Louis....where crime has really ran with reckless behavior over the past year or two. Now....there is a local city alderman who is just plain frustrated and upset with the local cops...and now advocates that people within the city arm themselves to save their lives. This is Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe talking here. He even suggests that the cops are no longer capable of doing their job....even suggesting that they just don't care anymore.

This far....157 homicides for the least 33 more than last year at this point.

For some reason...the chief of police reacted pretty negatively over this comment....suggesting that citizens arming themselves will lead to more danger, not less. He wanted to suggest more neighborhood watch groups as a better answer.

The mayor also tried to dampen the Alderman's comments....saying that "some" of the violent crimes in Troupe's ward are committed with guns stolen from law-abiding citizens. The phrase "some". own response....between some mace, an electric shock device and a gun in both the house and pretty much have what it takes to assess the situation and take care of a problem. If everyone walked around with a Taser.....there would be a very different society where any threat resulted in a Taser-sting. Whether the guy was a sponsor of crime....doesn't matter if you feel a give the guy a few volts. The Taser guys ought to make a marginally profitable Taser....for older women, and just make it a special Grandma gift for Xmas.