Friday, 12 December 2008

Hollywood NPR?

In case you missed it or it just didn't stand out.....the kindly folks over at NPR have a pretty keen pay scale situation. The managing editor Barbara Rehm? She makes $383,139.

The host for All Things Considered.....Robert Siegel.....gets paid $350,288.

One of our favorite folks.....for Morning Edition....Renee Montagne makes $332,160.

The Morning Edition host.....Steve Inskeep....makes $331,242 5.

Finally.....NPR afternoon programming director Richard L. Harris....makes roughly $190,ooo.

I sat there for a while.....pondering this. Then I started to ask myself why any idiot would pay someone that far off the payscale of "normalcy"?

This is state-run radio.....not some fancy network that runs chicken or booze commercials. The entire network ought to be run out of Dayton, Ohio.....and no one should make more than $120k a year max. I'm trying to figure some logic to this....but there really isn't any.

For those "journalists" who want to correct me and hint that these are professionals and deserve this type of pay.....listen, buddy.....if you want big money....go over to NBC or MSNBC. State-run not a place for "stars". If you care to argue that NPR is a major, its a state-run radio operation that used to be a place that pumped out culture and arts to the American heartland. Somewhere over the past twenty-five years....they lost their compass and became this mega-network of pretenders. They'd like to be a real network like MSNBC.....but face it.....they simply aren't in that league.

This entire game of paying top dollar? End it. You can't convince me any of these people are worth $150k or more. There simply isn't any logic to it.

So I'm going to offer NPR another method of saving money and cutting the budget. Pack up and move the entire central staff to Dayton, Ohio. For those who won't move.....let them go. Let folks learn right away that Dayton is the heartland and you can buy a real house for less than $180k. The crew can have breakfast each day over at the IHOP, and talk heartland trash talk in the afternoons.....before they run off to have a beer over at the local sportsbar.

For the bloody NPR pro's who'd like to clobber me....go for it. Get one thing straight......I'd take your job in a heartbeat, and work for less than $60k a year.....and probably bring the heartland to its knees.....weeping and laughing at the same time. Slanted stories? Well.....I don't really give much of a damn for such behavior, so I'm guessing I won't win any special favors. I'm guessing I won't be called in.