Saturday, 20 December 2008

Yurg and Randy

It began with Yurg and Randy....sitting there.....five thousand years ago.

Yurg was tired of constantly hunting, and Randy was tired of cold nights in the winter. So they decided to fix both of their problems.....and there in.....started global warming.

Sadly, we stand where we are today.....for better or worse.....with global warming, global cooling, global climate change or global nothing....because of the actions of Yurg and Randy.

We are told this today, by a group of smart guys who work up at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Apparently, with their data warming didn't start with the industrial revolution, but began 5,000 to 8,000 years ago with large-scale agriculture in Asia and extensive deforestation in Europe.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article....the boys had to use powerful supercomputers to arrive at this position. I paused when I read this.....wondering what type......but obviously, its not important enough to put in the article My guess is that they told the guys financing this that they wanted $25k work-stations......and they actually bought them for the project.

The boys came to conclude that methane and carbon dioxide (the simple things that you'd have to make global warming) began rising with the introduction of rice cultivation and large-scale tree removal.

So the boys have gone on.....and said that this buildup of greenhouse gases.....actually saved us from a start of a new glacial age. Its nice that the statistics worked out to confirm this. Although I'm kinda wondering if their data is "cherry-picked" or completely proven on this fact. If only Yorg and Randy had forbidden modern conveniences and accepted life as it was......we would have survived on....or least until the next glacial age.....then Yurg and Randy would have died out.

My belief in this report? I'm questioning alot of their data and how they came to conclude facts.

So to be kind to the boys from the University.....I'd like to believe that Yurg and Randy were the triggers of this entire mess.....and if they had simply said "no" to fire, gas engines, CNN, Pepsi and Brittney Spears.....we'd be alot better off. So the answer here? Well.....if you accept their report....the only way to fix the to kill off the human race. And this brings us to a moral argument.....that global warming doesn't fit well into.....if the boys are correct.

Need to Get this Kid Moving On

It is a unique blog. My son is 18 and will be finishing his German school experience in six months. Basically, his social life and his enthusiasm for employment are such.....that I have this "fear" that he'll remain in my house (for months or years or decades). So, I think the time has come to "arrange" a marriage for him. Yep, you read it correctly......ladies.....I'm looking for a chance to marry him off.

Its really not the best practical situation but this kid is a gamer, with a social life that is barely existing.

The best prospect? Well....I think a gal that is 20 to 30 years old, and established in a business or farm...and needs a husband because her social life is null. Since he speaks both German and English....this is mostly for German or American women. He needs a disciplinary and dominant guide him along (remember, he is a gamer). It might be nice if you were a World of Warcraft gamer, but I kinda doubt many of you gals are such.

His negatives? Well...yeah.....he is a don't expect a ballroom dancer or a guy who readily operates a chainsaw. He does pick up on knowledge quickly and probably could bale hay with any idiot out there. He does do six to eight smokes a day. He usually brushes his teeth each day although he might occasionally need some encouragement. He does have a limited wardrobe of three pairs of jeans and a dozen pullovers or T-shirts.....and might remember how to button up a shirt. Don't expect much in the way of fashion with this guy.

His positives? Well....he can actually cook on some occasions and might have a little bit of talent there. Because of his gaming experience, he has no problem in staying up till 1AM or even 4AM, if necessary. He travels well.....and doesn't mind wearing the same clothing for two days if necessary. He can be polite and nice....usually. He is fairly intelligent and can show a sense of humor on occasion. He is a World of Warcraft warrior, if that adds any points. He will do labor, but usually needs a bit of "encouragement".

So, there....ladies. I can't release the kid from his school obligation until July.....but you can get get your "bid" in on this deal now. Consider the fact that its hard these days for a domineering woman to find the right guy. Add in the fact that so many ladies are hard-working and focused on results but lacking a social life and eventually realizing how they lack a husband. Finally, the lack of so many "gentlemen" out there.....leaves many wondering where the good deals are.