Monday, 29 December 2008

Flight 93 Memorial Part II

I had a fair blog on this yesterday....the memorial for the 9-11 folks who crashed in the middle of Penn.

I had an interesting argument put to me today.....are we going to put up a $50 million memorial for every one of these flights taken by terrorists in the future?

I sat there for a long pause, because I know eventually....some other idiots will be successful and take another flight or two to the ground. The logic we put up $50 million each time and build another memorial? The answer is....I'd rather not repeat memorials like this...because it doesn't really lend itself to anything beyond a simple heroic attempt to retake the plane by its occupants.

I am not calling them less-than heroes....and this should be understood in a different manner.
What I am that we've had an awful lot of heroes in America who didn't get anything other than a pat on the back. There are numerous battles....that we've never honored anyone. There are countless lives lost in Katrina....mostly because of stubbornness to leave New Orleans, and you'd think they ought to get a $50 million memorial. You'd say the same thing for earthquake victims in San Fransisco or train-wreck victims.

We will end up building this memorial....I have no doubt. But the line will have to be drawn somewhere, for some reason. Eventually....logic will have to emerge and we will find our point of agreement. Otherwise, we will cast a thousand memorials over the nation over the next ten years.