Saturday, 10 January 2009

Bogus Energy Bailout?

The Obama team put out their plan to stimulate the economy this week. Needless to say....a lot of people weren't happy. Amusingly enough....even the democrats said they weren't happy.

I read over the objectives and reasoning.....which were ok for a high-school level graduate, but then I kept asking questions, and the plans don't have true answers.

My favorite bit of the plan.....was to stimulate the economy by doubling the production of alternative energy. I sat there for a long time....pondering what exactly you'd get in the end.

He would like to have energy efficiency laid across the American dream.

He wants you.....the "regular Joe" of America to build solar panels and wind turbines.

Then he comes to the best part of this energy sell.....these jobs "pay well and can't be outsourced."

At that point, I poured four shots of Jacky D's....and sat smiling. This guy doesn't know anything about life in America. He's living in some dream.

You want solar panels? They'll likely be built in China. Ask any of these technical guys and they will tell you that there is bit of toxic material involved and by the time you play the game of "safe America" can forget about major production of solar panels inside of the US. You want a third-world country where you can leave the toxic issue on the floor....and not worry about it.

Wind turbines? There is a fair amount of production in US with these, but once you dump government funding into this game....and pump up the requirements....they will come from third-world countries as well.

He can talk all day along about great paying production jobs, which are in the US....but reality is that someone somewhere.....will add a line to say import of such items is ok and even write a line to avoid half of the normal taxes for such an item.

So, as we move forward into this economic crisis, and you folks get a "clean energy" bailout situation.....and you think you are buying US-made solar panels and wind turbines.....check the box.....either the parts were made in China or the entire thing was made there. And the money that you handed over to the government for this crisis....went to China....not the US. Just something to remember.

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