Friday, 2 January 2009

Caveman Joe's End

After reading about a dozen newspaper reports today...I've kinda pieced together this rather simplified story. Its a theory, you must understand....from scientists. Facts are difficult to prove, but we have enough to piece together to make this basic story.

So, the simple truth is....Caveman Joe who was living in New Mexico around 12,900 years ago....and likely part of the Clovis episode...came to get up one day and witness this magnificent fireball in the sky. And then in less than an hour...Caveman Joe, his family, all of the woolly Mammoths in the region....along with the Saber-tooth cats....came to an end...or over the next month....they came to an end.

That fireball...was a meteor....which came apart in the upper atmosphere and rained down some hot temperatures upon the "ice age" that we were in the midst of....around 12,900 years ago. The explosion, the fire, and the heat....probably triggered alot of destruction.

Problem number two came next....which also helped to kill off more of Caveman Joe's family or friends. The glaciers in North America....came to melt...and this torrent of water came down and created the Mississippi River. My guess is...not that of the that alot of rivers in America today....came to exist because of that episode.

As all of this fresh ice water came down the had to empty into the Gulf of Mexico....and there in....came the third biggest problem. That fresh water dumped itself into the Atlantic...and thereby changed the global weather pattern....maybe forever. So whatever fantastic weather that Caveman Joe was enjoying in Clovis, New Mexico....suddenly changed over to a fairly dry situation.

So here are the things to consider out of this....which these smart guys haven't grasped yet.

There may have been thousands of Caveman Joes in North America by 12,900...most from Asia....but a fair portion might have been from Europe. This entire fire, glacier melt-off, starvation period, and weather change situation....likely took all of Man version 1.0...and left us to await the next arrivals from Asia...which became Man 2.0.

The weather change pattern? This is the fascinating part of this deal...the Atlantic current that we currently enjoy today? Its the circular pattern that we got out of the meteor episode.

The frozen water from the meteor? Well...that hasn't been injected into this thinking yet...but it likely came to add itself to the Earth's water supply.

More meteors could come one day and totally change the entire game? Thats also a possibility. The chance of destroying our entire life structure and recreating a new set of rules, weather, climate and man version 3.0? This starts to become fascinating in thinking of the various times you can shuffle cards...and come out with 52 cards still at the end of this game.

Worry about climate change? Worry about global warming? Worry about species dying off? Maybe there's something bigger to worry about. Thats my point.

The most curious thing for me? So the mammoths died out and so did the Saber-tooth Tigers. But there are likely a thousand other species here in North America which died in that period. It wasn't man who killed them was simply a very unlucky day.

So here we are...12,900 years later. Caveman Joe and his family likely sat on the edge of hill...with a cave behind them....watching this brilliant light....and wondering what the heck it was. Caveman Joe didn't have fancy instruments or CNN or some PhD guy to explain this. He simply had to accept things as they were....for better or worse.

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Don said...

An enquiring mind might ponder over what became of that fireball after it passed over Caveman Joe. Well I don’t know, but I do know a little about another one.

Folks maybe even in Germany have heard that “Stars fell on Alabama”. (But last night in the Sugar Bowl is was the “Utes” that fell on Alabama.)

On the west shore of Lake Jordan (no, it wasn’t named for the former football coach of that cow college over in Auburn) north of Montgomery sits a little town officially named Holtville, but it’s known locally as Slapout. The tale is that the owner of the general store there would frequently tell customers that he was slapout of whatever it was they couldn’t find. Anyway, for years a sign sat there on the highway welcoming people who slowed down enough to read it, and the sign proclaimed that Slapout is where those stars fell on Alabama. The sign may still be there, but there’s no physical evidence that anything ever fell on Slapout other than hard times.

However, “something” did fall on Alabama just a couple of miles as the crow flies from where I live and which is 20 or 30 miles southeast of Slapout. It likely was at least a remnant of something like that fireball that wiped out Joe and his neighbors. You can read about that “something” @