Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Flame

For some reason, veterans groups are always in the persuasion mood....where a special project guy or an individual with an agenda walks up and dumps his "idea" and everyone jumps in to support the project. VFW groups are always targets for this "project" agenda.

This week, the city folks out in Bullhead City, Arizona, came up to admit that they were stuck with one of those projects now....compliments of a veterans group.....who likely were led by some guy with an "idea". The stuck project? An "eternal" flame.

This "flame" is at the Medal of Honor the local Veterans Memorial Park near the River there.

At some point around the first part of the month....the natural gas bill came to the city, who now is stuck as the "protector" of the "flame". Sadly, it was $961, a price that the city really can't afford to handle.

"It caught us by surprise," City Manager Tim Ernster said Thursday.

So the city was thinking....just limit this to special days....which might have sounded reasonable, but then those Veteran guys were fairly irked at the treatment of their memorial by the city. The city turned the "flame" off....but then found intense public pressure, which political figures just can't stand.

By Friday, the city had to restart the "flame".

So the city guys are thinking about a smaller "flame"....hoping they can get this bill down to a reasonable level.

Its curious one at the state or city level ever thinks about these "flames" that are used for various memorials around the US. An Olympic-sized flame probably burns well over $40k over a two week period of natural gas. All of these have a cost associated with them

The Bullhead City problem? It'll be hard to convince the veterans to see the logic here. They've got themselves hinged onto some kind of memorial handcuffs which you simply can't remove. The guy who came up with this "flame" idea? It would be interesting to see if he's the VFW commander and he never grasped the cost factor. I'm guessing the flame is going to be put out eventually...once everyone figures up the real cost involved.

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