Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Thousand Pages

Typically, when someone writes a thousand pages of something...its either bound for the recycling bin or its bound for a Nobel Prize in Literature. In the case of the stimulus package....its hard to classify this might be worthy fiction, except we know its not fiction.

To the best of our knowledge....and not one single representative or senator has emerged to argue this....NOT one single guy or gal read the thing....yet they voted on it. This is the incredible part of this entire episode. I could have inserted language into it which would have required Alabama counties to report all roadkill to a Bama state office of roadkill....funded of course by the stimulus package. They'd naturally be federal roadkill officials.....with big SUVs running the roads of Bama....and probably killing a dozen critters a week by themselves.

Its neat how this is all done on Friday....which gives everyone a chance to take the weekend off....drink lots of free booze provided by their lobbyists....grin at the escort gals that the lobbyists provided....and golf all day Saturday at a private club deal arranged by the lobbyists. Somewhere in the midst of news....we even found out that the lobbyists got a full and complete copy of the stimulus package....before the congressmen and senators. Minor deal though....because even those idiots can read a thousand pages.

It'd be nice to require each guy to stand and listen to the document be read in open form within the house or senate....and then pass. Then would have required an entire week, and probably put most to sleep.

You can sit and challenge your senator or congressman on this whole thing. The Republican guys are standing there and admitting that this has zero value, yet haven't read much of anything. The Democrat guys are admitting that there is much in here....but they haven't read it all. Yet, they voted? Something is not right here.

Had you bought a property with a 100-page transfer document would have read the thing and likely paid a lawyer to help as well. Had you made a loan with a bank and had a 15-page would have read the whole thing before signing. Yet in this away $800-odd billion....required nothing much. This is the part that I don't get.

I'm just a regular guy....fairly educated....and with a fair amount of common sense. I can't find any logic which would have directed me to stamp my name and signature onto this....without reading the document. I have certain words to describe these folks who voted and signed off on this...but they are mostly words of foolishness. The sad thing....its really my money that they gave away. And I probably won't get a penny of that back.

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Unknown said...

Hey, get off your porch and go check it out. The reason these government people do what they do is because they are being paid (better) by someone else, not us and hence they don't work for us, but for who is paying them. Who is paying them is the question? Who creates the money is the answer.

Face it, the American government was hijacked from the inside and behind. Grandpa's old axe standing there by the fireplace has had 3 new heads and 7 new handles. The last ones were made in China.

Forget it and move out of Dodge. Try Tonga for a new life out of harms way.