Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Stimulus Two?

So the major networks finally came up hinting today....via Rep Pelosi...that stimulus package number two will have to be worked up within weeks....well....they didn't say weeks, but we are leaning pretty strongly toward this.

I sat and predicted this in mid-January.

In fact...I'll predict this new stimulus package passes by mid May. And by November? Yes, the third stimulus package of the year? The effect? Nothing. Don't get any hopes up.

My bet? By November....every police department in America will have new cop cars. Every city paint shop in America will have a new paint shaker ($2k). Three hundred new bridges will have been built.....but not a single old bridge will have been torn down in relation to this fantastic bridge formula we are devising.

We'd be better off if we tied these stimulus packages toward forcing people to feel comfortable to spend money. You could easily tie a coupon deal into buying a US-made car (including Nissans and Hondas) with a $1000 federal coupon. But then we'd have to admit that stimulus ought to be handled totally different.

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