Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A World That Doesn't Turn

So the boys out in Afhganistan....our friendly Taliban dude insurgents announced today that they are absolutely rejecting the U.S. offer of "honorable reconciliation."

I wasn't very would have been a shock if they asked about meeting any member of the Obama government.

Adding to the intelligent discussion from the Taliban......was a comment calling this entire suggestion....a "lunatic idea". Then the boys said that nothing would be discussed until all foreign troops left...which is pretty much what anyone should expect.

The issues here? Well...after years of war....just to have a new "Joe" looking at you and wanting to talk....doesn't really make much difference. At the end of the discussion...there is this problem of Bin Laden....which you can't avoid. Then you consider the fact that Afghanistan is like a lab area for the Taliban...if they can breed their form of Islam there....then it can spread. Then you have all those dead Taliban leaders who were killed in Pakistan....which some folks aren't likely to forget very soon.

So the new game plan to get people to the table to talk? Its anchored pretty good and we can just about forget about this angle. Course, maybe we can still use this suggestion on the nomination package for Nobel Prize for Peace....maybe.

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