Saturday, 30 May 2009

As the Sun Sets

Its a neat list of folks of importance in San Fransisco...working for the city or county....and what they make. Note....over fifty folks...making over $200k each. The highest one? Some gal who is a special nurse....hugging $350k a year.

Now, just a moment to pause over this group of people....including fifteen who work in law enforcement. Each will come to retire. Each will collect at least $120k per year. Each might live to be figure twenty years of $120k each. Then figure that each needs a replacement in the office....and the replacement will make the $250k salary as well....with yearly 2 to 4 percent raises. In 2015? I'm betting on the top fifty folks making a salary of $300k minimum.

Who pays? The California taxpayer. How can the state survive? It won't. California is dying and will not recover. No one can afford this kind of government structure. You can't cut these can't trim their can't even bring in outsiders to replace them at 60 percent the current salary (the corruption factor won't allow it). So this is the end phase of California's survival.

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