Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cap and Trade at the State Level

According to statistics....Alabama has a carbon footprint of 11.

The same statistical page.....give California a carbon footprint of 46.

This is all based on per capita numbers....which is kinda important to realize.

So I started searching for other countries to compare this fantastic statistic against. I finally found a Wiki site, which laid out international sites.

Germany? Just under 10.

Norway? 11.

Czech? 11.5.

France? 6.2. Please remember....they run lots of nuclear power plants....not coal plants like the rest of Europe.

The mighty UK? Just under 9.79.

So I started to look closely at the charts covering each of the fifty states....lots of states were higher than Bama. In fact...near the top...was Vermont with a carbon score of 50.

So I'm beginning to wonder on this "cap and trade" game.....if you had thirty states who were just as good as Germany or Belgium or Netherlands.....with similar populations.....then why would you punish those thirty US states (to include Bama)?

Yes, notice I said the word "punish".

When you create a tax game like 'cap and trade' end up taxing everyone to share in your pain. To be kinda honest....folks in Bama have done precisely what the folks in Germany have done....and live within the carbon numbers. Remember....I used the carbon expert's own statistics in this research project.

So rather than group us all into some basket, and punish all of us for the actions of twenty dimwit states with high carbon....which probably doesn't matter anyway.....lets be fair....punish the bigboys before you punish us.

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