Saturday, 23 May 2009

Death by 35.5

A moment of pondering.

So the new government standard for gas mileage will end up being 35.5. How exactly do you reach that point, if you are Ford, GM or Chrysler?

Typically, you start with the frame, and you start to carve three to five percent of the steel frame out of the car. You try to pump up the engine but customers hate under-powered cars, so you try to stay within the norm of 2.5 or better for real cars.

By the've removed enough weight and made 35.5.

The problem are now less safe than you were yesterday. In fact, there just might be a market for those 1974 Ford LTD's now.

So on your you lay there wondering how you got whacked and put six feet might think about this "death by 35.5", and then wonder why steel matters more than oil.

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