Thursday, 28 May 2009

How Would You Destroy Chrysler?

Well....its a rather tough question. Under 99 different could hurt them...but never destroy them. Even with the government running Chrysler....they could probably survive on....with less profit....but still survive.

The 100th scenario?

Suppose you whipped up the dealer list....and said half have to go....for the company to survive. Then you decided that being part of the best party....the Democratic party....meant that those dealers who were more pro-democrat....would survive, and the remainder would be invited to leave.

Suppose you were stupid enough to do something like that?

Then someone sat down and put the entire closed dealer list up on a Excel spreadsheet....and discovered that 90 percent of the closed dealerships had one common factor.....a dealership that strongly supported republican dealerships. Then suppose instead of the media....which were incompetent actually had the ability to transmit this story out to 3 million Americans in an hour.....and to 100 million Americans within twenty-four hours?

Then suppose the media was now stuck....they actually have to report this because people were asking way too many questions. Then they started to question the US government and their involvement in the whole game.

Then lets imagine that six of every ten republicans sent a letter to the surviving Chrysler dealer in their region....and just said they won't buy their product....nor will their son....or daughter. Then they turned around and told the car rental companies that they won't rent a Chrysler product. Suppose a month later, the remaining four republicans, and then fifty percent of the independent minded folks did the same thing.

After about six months....the remaining dealers would ask what they did wrong. Ford would be standing there and smiling.

People would write songs of sorrow and woes over the pitiful demise of Chrysler and how they just couldn't sell in the new age....but never explain in the song why people just drove on by the dealerships.

Yes, suppose such a thing were to happen.

Strange thing....seeing a car company dumped into a pit....because they got deep into the political game. Maybe GM is going to dump dealers too? Maybe they've got a list already? Maybe they have some promised deal too?

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