Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My Passion for Ireland

A man is fortunate enough in life, if he chances upon Ireland once in his life. A thousand other men will never walk upon the green....sip Irish ale....or understand the woes or sorrows of a Irish man.

About once a month, it'll cross my mind....a moment from my one and only trip to Ireland. I'll pause there in the car.....thinking long and hard over some grassy hill or old building or some moment in a Irish pub.

We need a place like wish upon or just soothe a tired mind. We need green hills to remind us of the imagery of green. We need pains, woes and sorrows to remind us that life isn't perfect. We need friendly people to remind us that its possible to be a stranger and still accepted by people.

So somewhere in my mind, there is this green island that I drag up on feel refreshed.

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