Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Sun Will Finally Set

Once, there was a mighty hurricane. It came and passed. In fact....four long years have now passed.

This week...some folks in New Orleans....who consider themselves in a temporary situation and living in temporary housing, under temporary government funding....were kinda told that the "temporaryness" of this situation is just about finished.

FEMA spoke on Friday and says that the government is finished being temporary custodian of these folks. They will start evicting Katrina survivors in July. The guy was kinda nice about it.....admitting that it might take a while, which means weeks and probably months before they can get court papers done to individually kick out each single resident in a case like this.

This was a $5.6 billion housing assistance program. Either you got a trailer or a hotel room. The program was supposed to end two years ago, but a bunch of Democrats got involved in the process and pumped more funding into the project.

I was kinda surprised about the numbers. At one point...which was the pinnacle of this entire episode....143,000 households were in existence with the temporary situation.

The curious thing is that both parties now agree that they just can't keep pumping money into this deal. I have written probably a dozen blogs on Katrina and all the things that happen before and after.

In real life....after a huge episode like this....people move on. Folks in Mobile and South Carolina have done this several times. Folks in Florida have the act memorized. New Orleans is the only place where hell just keeps going on....week after week...month after month....year after year...eternally.

Its funny in a way. Prior to the 1990s, other than the quick emergency response and some infrastructure funding afterwards...we didn't pump any extra money into a community. If you go back to the 1800s, nothing happened unless you saved yourself. The billions involved in New Orleans? All of your tax money. Don't worry...if they didn't spend there then they would have spent it on study butterflys or developing analysis over Thai bar gals. Just another day in America.

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