Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The White Roof Dude

It was a fascinating day. Our chief of energy, for the Obama administration...the grand Nobel prize-winning physicist.....Profesor Steve Chu...spoke up today and said white roofs ought to be mandataed.

I sat there for three minutes...contemplating this mandate. Quiet a remarkable thing....making everyone go to a white roof.

His logic? This would reflect more of the Sun’s light...thus decreasing global warming.

The professor went as far as suggesting that building regulations could force all roofs to be painted white. As the professor suggested: “I think with flat-type roofs you can’t even see, yes, I think you should regulate quite frankly I would be in favor of that.”

I have a hard time envisioning how you'd force people into this white roof scheme. Obviously, there would be a tax incentive of some type...a credit for white paint, over red paint. You could line various federal guidelines to force folks into this white roof mentality.

The curious thing about this mess...is this magical area around Atlanta where science people have started describing as a heat magnet. They can show various statistical displays how Atlanta is hotter than it was thirty years ago. The curious difference in thirty years? Massive asphalt pavement construction and the removal of millions of trees as homes and business areas were developed.

Talking people into planting more trees and shrubs would be alot easier sell than forcing folks into some game involving white roofs. I'm guessing a couple of senators are going to have fun with the professor when he shows up next time and his ideas of a mandated white roof.

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