Monday, 18 May 2009

Your Health Deal?

So the national health care plan is in full swing. There are ten assumptions that we can now see on the table and we might be interested in this deal.

First, an absolute deadline has been created out of thin air without reasoning. There is barely sixty days of discussion that can go into this. When the final 1,000 page bill comes up...I’ll bet that no senator has read the document and less than five representatives have read it.

Second, hardly a word has come up about limits on doctor or hospital billing. This obviously will not be discussed.

Third, no comment or discussion will occur over military healthcare provided to retirees. People are already bracing for what will be a cost-program for retirees who were more or less promised free health care.

Fourth, whatever program is passed....will not affect the members of congress or the Senate. There will be an exception for them.

Fifth, no one will likely discuss the problem with foreign nationals within the US
and how they will fit into such a program.

Sixth, no matter how they rig this....some Americans will still have 5-star health care and some will have 3-star health care.

Seventh, the curious question will be if a 60-year old guy who has smoked all his life and continues to smoke two packs a day...can demand various health procedures that have limited or no impact on his length of life.

Eighth, will a guy in Red Bay, Bama have access to the same health care as a guy in Chicago? It’s a simple yes or no question. But you know the answer already.

Ninth, if employers have to contribute into this pot as well....will this mean a 3 percent cut on employees across America? If you had a small operation of twelve people and you had to absorb this cost of contribution, then the answer is to dump one employee. Fair or unfair? Does any congressman or Senator really care if 400,000 people get laid off because of this deal?

Tenth, if the actual real cost is 40 percent more than what the experts claim....where do you get the money? That’s the curious question that we might want to think about.

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