Tuesday, 2 June 2009


The AP has an article today.....over how the Vatican is apparently starting to get worried that folks just aren't confessing much anymore.

This guy.....speaking for the Pope......Archbishop Mauro Piacenza....was apparently all upset that confessing is just not occuring at the rate it was.....say five, ten, twenty or even fifty years ago. Mauro even told Vatican Radio that "fewer people distinguish between good and evil, and as a result don't go to confession".

Mauro suggests that folks now think of psychiatrist as a priest-like figure....and they just start dumping all their confession to this guy....and not the right guy....the priest.

Naturally.....as Mauro says....there is only one answer.....a handbook on confession to drum up enthusiasm for confession.

Now, I have to admit....I'm a Bama enthusiast and other than a visit to St Peters in Rome, and striking up a discussion or two with a priest here and there.....I really ain't much into this Catholic stuff. As for confession....after you've been in the Baptist shadow for a while.....you learn not to brag or confess nothing....otherwise, you might get four hours of Baptist testimony on whatever you screwed up on.

I talked to a Catholic guy once....an Air Force co-worker, who kinda admitted that this confession was mostly just a thing to get bad thoughts off your mind. You could admit you liked looking at tube-topped ladies, and just get a free blessing from the Priest to get any shame off your mind. It kept you from worrying about a bunch of stuff constantly. You could get refreshed just by visiting some Priest.

Mauro might have something correct on this deal.....fewer confessions. But maybe, the real trend is that folks just aren't doing bad thing like they used to....say twenty years ago. Maybe we are finally living clean, pure and unwoeful lives. Well....it would be a nice thought.

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