Saturday, 11 July 2009

Newsweek Fiction at Work

There was an article that came out via Newsweek this week...which basically asked the question: Does the President represent American Catholics better than the Pope? I sat there laughing at the header, and went ahead and read the article.

Newsweek is fairly desperate for Time, they both are dissolving away into 2nd rate weekly publication.

The writer accurately says at one point...that there is a converging of ideas on Middle East peace and poverty...but then they are way apart on almost all other issues. I sat there asking did they come to find this question to start the whole article: Does the President represent American Catholics? This writer or analyst does a poor job in getting to his point.

In the end, the writer basically put up the front that American Catholics don't want to be like European Catholics or Mexican Catholics....and they'd like the Church to "change". It was a lousy sales job and I kinda laughed over how Newsweek tried to generate a 4-star headline to drag you in but they really couldn't tell you a story worth reading.

Luckily....I still don't subscribe to Newsweek....and they are still spiraling downward without much home of succeeding in business.

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