Monday, 26 October 2009

Alien Pondering

There is this forum area that I frequent...and this week...some topic came up about alien movies and perceived aliens. It was a long-winded discussion. Basically, we come down to three types of aliens.

The first is the one that has come to suck the living life out of you folks and destroy civilization.

The second is the one who is a liberal or environmental type...wanting to help the Earth proceed to being a very nice friendly liberal society.

The last typically the alien group who accidentally landed on Earth and would like to get the hell out of here but some bunch of American military guys or evil CEO guys are trying to stop them from leaving.

I sat there for a while....and asked why is it...just three types of aliens?

Couldn't we have some right-wing type of Rush or Beck?

Couldn't we have some aliens who are here merely to study folks from Bama and report back on a highly intelligence class of human beings?

Couldn't we have some aliens who caught episodes of Andy Griffith and want to personally observe some real friendly folks?

Couldn't we have aliens who visit to have fantastic fried chicken or hot-and-spicy chili?

Couldn't we have aliens who seek eternal knowledge and Baptist living...and just wanna find a good dry county somewhere?

Couldn't we have aliens who left some planet for a place with a lesser tax burden?

Couldn't we have aliens who just want to disrupt American elections and vote in multiple states?

Couldn't we have aliens who just want the secret recipe for Pabst Blue Ribbon...and then they will leave peacefully?

For some reason....we get stuck with just three kinds of aliens. It bothers me. I actually waste time pondering on this and thinking about other scenarios. This is time that I could better spend on pondering about unusual piercings on ladies, or the best way to mix a whiskey sour, or perhaps the real reason for the White House to isolate Fox News.

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