Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Opt Analysis

I've spent a fair amount of time pondering the past couple of days over this new universal health care package of Senator Harry Reids....and the opt-out option. So I've come to three points of analysis.

First, if opt-out is so great an idea....why not opt-in? Make the whole dang thing a package and then offer it up to fifty states. Let everyone know that it'll cost x amount (I assume $1800) for each family to contribute to taxes to help the lesser folks afford the package. So let everyone know the entire deal and then have a state by state vote.

I'm guessing at best....once you know your cost....and folks discuss this....that barely five states pass the package. Another ten will make it close. And the remaining 35 will be a 8-point margin. At that point, if you are unhappy and want the package....just pack up and move to the right state.

Second, if the idea of opt-out is so keen....why not make every national law this way? All these laws created to control Alaska and its 49 other states.....why not allow Alaska to vote and opt-out of the control laws? If we are saying that opt-out is great and fair....why not across the board for every single law?

We could vote and opt-out of stupid laws that involve carbon credits or environmental requirements. We could opt-out of extra taxes to fund national public TV or radio. We could opt-out of Afghanistan or Iraq or keep our national guard back home.

So I'm guessing that this is the one and only time that opt-out will ever be brought up.

Finally, my third point of observation. In 1860, we had an opt-out deal going.....that somehow just didn't work. Alot of men died, because opt-out just wasn't going to be allowed. We've kind gone with this strategy of all-for-one and one-for-all ever since that point. For some reason....Harry's idea is rubbing me the wrong way. Either he is bluffing and half-joking over the suggestion.....or he wants a divided nation. Either way....we lose something.

As a guy from Bama and a dry county.....I'd sure like to try this opt-out deal on alcohol sales, but I'm guessing opt-out in Bama is something we'd best not bring up.

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Don said...

A major problem for the 50 (or did Obama say it is 57?) states is that over many years congress has illegally opted-out of the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution. Hopefully many if not all states will take measures to reclaim their rights as sovreign states.