Saturday, 17 October 2009

When Baptists Argue

It is a odd story which you won't find on Fox or CNN or in most newspapers. This week....the former president of the National Baptist Convention USA...stood up and started a lawsuit with his old denomination...over the election he lost.

The NBC USA group is a black denomination...and they had an election about a month ago....and the old President....Henry tossed out....4,108 votes to 924.

Henry least in this lawsuit....the whole election was rigged. Yep....kinda like a 2000 GW versus Gore or 2004 GW versus John K election. So election fraud and improper vote-counting were rampant, so he says.

Henry kinda has a up and down problem within the NBC USA group....ten years ago...he was accused of abusing power and stealing church funds. Not alot came out of that accusation except a bunch of chit-chat from the pro-Henry and the anti-Henry crowd.

This lawsuit? Well....I'm guessing that the anti-Henry folks might be slightly worried...especially if Henry comes up with a couple of witnesses say tampering in the voting occurred. Maybe some votes here and some votes there....were shifted. It's hard to come up and cook up 2,000 vote ensure a absolute win. And then you have to worry that anti-Henry folks will come up with witnesses to establish a number of the 924 votes of Henry's....were tampered votes.

It's a curious event...when religious folks sit and argue over internal elections. Typically, no one wins.

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