Friday, 13 November 2009

Company Crap

Today, we got this presentation from the company (I shall leave as unnamed) on workplace violence.

Part of the presentation had to do with perpetrators....folks who show history of violent behavior, intimidation of folks, substance abuse, often making veiled threats, etc. I sat there and kept thinking....if HR would do their actual wouldn’t have guys like this hired.

Under my six years with SAIC....we rarely ever saw anyone with issues. We had the one guy with issues of working in a windowless environment.....but otherwise, no one was ever a “nut-type”. The HR guys with SAIC always asked for reference, and tended to look for people who had worked with you and could vouch for you.

My present company? Zero effort on references or checking folks out.

Typically....they just look for a guy willing to work for a pretty low amount of money. Otherwise, they don’t care about his character. Once you look around the contractor start to notice alot of these lackluster efforts.

So I sat there laughing for a’s a neat presentation....the first of its type in five years of employment with this company. They’ve brought in a number of folks with emotional and character issues....but these were folks who agreed to work for less.

I'm kinda wondering who the presentation was geared for...because it really doesn't help any of us working with the 'problem children'.

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