Monday, 16 November 2009

The Fort Hood Shooter & Army Values

From the 14 Nov 2009 edition of the Washington Post…came a great article by Colbert I. King. From the aspect of evaluating the Fort Hood shooter….Mr. King came to one important conclusion….there are seven values held by every single member of the US Army. Major Nidal Malik Hasan failed all seven values….miserably:

Loyalty? Hasan wore the uniform but he did not bear true faith and allegiance to his fellow soldiers. His devotion was to himself and his version of his beliefs. He had no loyalty to the Army.

Duty? He wanted to renege on his obligations and abandon his responsibilities. He said yes to medical training, but no to being part of a team deployed overseas.

Respect? He claimed not to get any, even as he failed to treat others with the dignity and respect due them. Thirteen caskets and 38 victims with bullet wounds tell the tale.

Selfless service? "Go a little further, endure a little longer, and look a little closer to see how you can add to the effort" is the way the Army puts it. The country's welfare matters. Hasan put his own above that of the Army or his comrades.

Honor? There was no honor in what he did. Hasan sat in the readiness center, deceiving others into believing he was one of them.

Integrity? His piety was demolished by his immoral, criminal and hate-filled behavior.

Personal courage? It took no physical courage to open fire on the unprotected. Where is the moral courage in seeking refuge in Miranda protection after a murderous rampage?

It’s difficult to imagine some guy making it into the Army….then disposing of every single thing that they taught him….and then becoming an absolute threat to every single member of the US Army.

I’ve come over the past week to have zero respect for the guy, and his religious beliefs start to become a major issue in my mind. He allowed a religious belief to overcome the safety of those around him….which is something that no man in uniform can allow. If you have such a strong belief and you can’t play “airman”, “grunt”, “sailor”, or “Army”, then you fold up the tent and just quit. He wouldn’t do that….which makes him lower than dirt.

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