Saturday, 7 November 2009

Just a Odd Thing

From the Fort Hood episode....hidden in 5,000 stories from yesterday....there is a odd observation. I sat there looking at the video of the cops at the residence of the guy. I quickly observed that it wasn't what you'd be thinking when it came to living arrangements for some Major. They actually pay these guys a good $1,300 a month for housing usually. This was a cheaper place from my observation....REAL cheap.

So it came out in the KDH news.....this was a $350 a month apartment complex....where mostly junior personnel from the Army lived. I get the impression that he was the only officer at the complex.

Why would a guy pick such a non-superior apartment deal? Why not rent a house....which he could have easily done? You could have gotten a very upscale place and lived comfortably for $700 in the local area. You could have bought a RV trailer and lived out of it if you were single....and actually paid it off in 18 months.

It only adds to the mystery.

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