Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Prisoner Remake

I noticed this on the channel AMC....there was a remake series of the British show....The Prisoner.

I came as a kid in Bama to watch the entire series of the Prisoner. There were only seventeen episodes, and it concluded in 1968. I think I actually watched it in 1974 on the Bama educational channel (thank God that they actually had real Brit entertainment).

There's something about a series, that has only seventeen episodes. You tend to remember each sequence and each detail. It was the "Lost" of it's day. It was well written and demanded analysis of what you viewed. It tested you.

So here is a new Prisoner series. I went to the clip and watched it. It'd didn't thrill me. It didn't give me much of a reason to view the new series.

That's often the problem with remakes of popular series. If you tried to bring back Gunsmoke today, it'd likely fail by the second season. If you brought back up Three's Company.....I would imagine it'd be a marginal success. If you tried to make a remake of the Andy Griffith'd be a total failure.

I suspect with the Prisoner....we'll see a brief run of maybe two years and then it'll get dropped. Meanwhile....if you are sitting around and spot the Prisoner series at the video rental shop.....pick it up and enjoy a five-star show.

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