Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Tiger

The Tiger story has become a woeful tale of sorts. Over a three week period...almost every secret has spilled out. The thirteen-odd women, the general attitude while on tour, the excessive drinking, etc, etc.

Fox News reports that Tiger is simply sitting the seclusion. He eats cereal and watches cartoons....while at night hitting golf balls to chill out.

The wife and kids are pretty much in 5th gear to leave. As Christmas day comes and this final moment with the kids in Florida can pretty much see an end point to this story.

The wife intends to take him to the cleaners. Her lawyers think they can break the marriage contract and take lots of extra money.

The various contracts with NIKE and others? Well...I would suspect by early January....the majority have found a legal reason to cancel and move on.

You aren't going to see Tiger for several months....maybe even for the whole of 2010. He'll sit at the house and simply consider all of the issues. None of the thirteen-odd women are the type you'd want to settle down with or marry. For him to get involved with anyone else makes no sense because there'd just be a repeat somewhere else down the road.

Maybe it's time to take the yacht out and just live off the remaining $100 million that he will have....and just live around the Caribbean for a couple of years.

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