Sunday, 6 December 2009

Your EPA

Without alot of mention on CNN....or any of the big media news appears that next week...the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...your EPA...will officially declare carbon dioxide a public danger.

Naturally, what comes with this public regulation and management. You can't have a danger...without management, if you didn't know that.

So a number of areas will likely be tested for easily manipulation or compliance. For have a full-up heating system in your house...but also have a you might need a tax to ensure that the fireplace is strictly for looks and not really operational. If you rely upon the fireplace for your actual heat...then a second tax might be necessary to help you get rid of the fireplace.

Gas-powered mowers? Well...if you only have one-acre...then a tax might be necessary to entice you to dump your big riding mower down to a smaller push-type mower.

Big gas guzzler in the garage? Well...a C02 tax laid down at the local level might force you into monitoring miles and reporting that yearly to ensure you don't use it very often.

A house over 2,000 square feet? Well...a tax could be fixed up and levied against you for more space than what is necessary.

There are tens of thousands of things that the EPA could get involved with and make themselves a daily factor in your life.

Congressional involvement? Well...yes, of course. Suppose I could pass a significant huge tax charge on one type of house (wood for example)...and the timber industry comes up to slide $300k into the pockets of every big congressional ensure a "credit" is issued?

It's an interesting game of sorts....the only end result? You lose...somewhere...somehow....someway. But you must make this game work.

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