Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A Cop Story From Near My Home Town

This is what we know.....this guy who was the Decatur, Alabama cop of the year for 2007....Faron White....came up missing last week.

The Bama folks did an all-out search for the missing Alabama organized crime specialist of Decatur.

Eventually, after a day or two....their search led to Las Vegas, where Faron was arrested and accused of staging his disappearance. Course, then came the other charge....covering up the theft of $2,500 from his department.

Faron, 48 years old....apparently had an affair of some type going with a 29 year old local gal in Bama....she was married with three kids....and she was involved in this disappearance in someway, although the cops are careful about what they know or don't know.

Faron tried to make this all appear as a kidnapping...but it was a bogus effort apparently.

My bet? I'd like for Faron to take a drug test....and I'm betting he'd have trouble passing. Yep, I'm thinking he has some type of drug usage and was confused enough to cook up this entire kidnapping deal....and he was doped up when he dreamed up the deal.


Today, we learned the new chief of the CIA under President Obama, Leon Panetta. I sat there for a long time....trying to grasp the significance of Leon getting picked. Frankly, after ten minutes.....I had a fair headache. If you had to pick someone underqualified for a cabinet job....over the past thirty years.....he now ranks as number two.

Number one? There was the first secretary of defense under Bill Clinton, Les Aspin. Les was a senator from Wisconsin who was heading up the senate defense committee for a number of years. Les was well-known for asking dumb questions and pushing the Pentagon guys during the congressional meetings. He walked in on day one....and everyone felt that he was going to be a unbelievable defense secretary.

By the end of the first month, it was obvious that Les Aspin had no leadership ability or executive skills. He knew how to ask stupid questions, but then to turn and act on the answers.....Les got nowhere. Adding to Les's issues was the Clinton priority of gayness....which Les eventually got stuck in the middle and luckily talked Bill Clinton into "don't ask----don't tell".

Then Les ran into the stress of the job, which constantly affected his heart condition. After that issue came the reduction period, where Les demonstrated less and less skill at handling the problems at hand. Then Les came to the Bosnia build-up....which he could not form a positive or negative plan.....so everyone kept talking....rather than acting on something. Finally, we come to the "Blackhawk Down" episode in Somalia....where he continued his poor performance in making decisions. By December of 1993....barely eleven months into his reign.....he was called on the carpet and basically gave his termination date (Feb 1994). Les was out of his league and could not deliver.

Leon? Well....he will face 75-hour weeks....a good 14-hour work-day each day.....as he spends half of each day just learning all the things that 250 other competent men who should have been offered the job, but weren't.....and he'll feel pressure each morning as he shows up.

The team? Well....on day one....they will just assume he is a caretaker guy and not take him serious. The congressional and media trust in him? Every mistake will come back to him and the President.....why pick an unqualified guy for the job? By the end of 2009....it'll be a common question which President Obama can't answer in public settings.

Why pick Leon? I sat for a long time thinking about this. For a president to settle upon this idea....it means that the top fifteen guys had problems or issues. At some point, the Obama team probably just came to some concept that they wanted a caretaker....and Leon could act this out for a year while they figured a new agenda and found additional candidates. Why did the top fifteen guys (my humble number, not that of the news folks) turn down the job? Thats the real question to ask in this case.

So tonight....as you say a silent prayer for folks.....you might want to include poor ole Leon. The guy is probably giving up three years of his life for this lousy year he has to work as the CIA chief. Other than free coffee and donuts.....there's not much else that Leon can be happy about.