Thursday, 8 January 2009

Naturally, It Had to Be, Porn Bailout

Its kinda what you'd expect. Hustler owner Larry Flint and Joe kings.....have come out and admitted a twenty-two percent reduction in sales over the past year. So naturally, they want a bailout.

This bailout.....believed to be in the $5 billion range...would help the porn industry make it through these hard times. Joe says the porn industry is like the car industry.....and everyone wanted them to survive.

I sat there for a while....pondering this.

First, when you walk into a porn don't want a bunch of Romanian, Russian, or Peruvian cheap porn.....which is what would happen if the US porn industry went butt-up. You can't allow foreign competition to inch its way up into our porn industry, and kill off potential US profits.

Second, to have all of these out-of-work porn actors and actresses would create a problem. What would they do in the Obama "work" program? Could Obama employ them in a useful way to continue their careers? Would there be a "right to porn" stance taken by the Obama administration?

Third, you have to realize that those Chinese guys are sitting there....waiting for a chance to waltz in and take this industry away. To go and rent a video.....and find some guy named Huang with his transgendered partner Lisa Ching Lee.....just won't work.

Finally, porn is America. Its one of the few products that we outdone the rest of the civilized world on. When you talk 4-star porn.....we are it. You can't find stuff like this in England or Hong Kong.

So, Senator Reid....its time to call for the bailout of the porn industry...naturally with some standards. Oh, I also believe that a Porn Czar ought to be somewhere in this mess.....and I would readily volunteer for the job.....if needed.