Friday, 9 January 2009

UK: Wind Turbine Damage = UFOs?

This week in the UK....a wind turbine got whacked....and a steel blade got all bent out of shape. The thing is.....they can't say what the heck hit it.

There was no aircraft wreckage on the ground. The blades are such....that it'd take a massive amount of bend them. No birds could possibly trigger the damage caused. The locals all believe this was a UFO-hit. Yes, amazingly enough....most of the big-name papers are putting a UFO-slant on this entire story.

I took a long look at the various papers, and the one or two pictures that they had (all copy-righted, of course).

I sat for a while and pondered this....only as a guy from Bama can do. A bird can't whack steel to bend like the pictures showed the blade. Without wreckage on the ground....I'm left with only plausible answer....which has nothing to do with UFOs. My answer....since this is a flying dragon.

I realize I may be labeled a nut here....but to bend steel like this and leave no damaged craft on the can only be a dragon. Somewhere out the darkest of a British dragon with a headache from whacking a wind turbine. He's probably upset and rubbing ice over his head. Things used to be simple....hiding from the public and just flying around at night. Now, these idiot humans have turbines all over the countryside. Its making life for a dragon just a little bit more difficult.