Monday, 12 January 2009

Just the Nazi-Era News, Thank You

This week, in Germany, a new publication comes out. Its not exactly a magazine but its not a newspaper either. They took a British idea of bundling up a couple of editions of newspapers from another era, and then offer commentary on the history, the politics, and the reality of the time.

This German publication....Zeitungszeugen....covers mostly the period of the 1930s to the mid 1940s....the Nazi era.

Yep, not that we don't have enough Nazi news already, but we'll rehash the entire period for everyone's reading pleasure.

They've been advertising this edition on the news....hoping to get a good run on the first copy.

The curious thing for that you are going to introduce people to an era where the Nazis were totally accepted (in print, in homes, and on the street). Nazi Germany in 1938...had no issues with the direction of the country. People will find themselves asking why, and I really doubt that that modern journalists that have been tagged to "explain" things....can.

Added to this episode is the fact that bulk of society really don't care to read Nazi-era news. This is designed for mostly the intellectual crowd and the WW II curiosity freaks. If they get one person out of thirty to read it....they will be lucky. A profit with it? Thats the curious thing. The articles are already no cost on what they wrote in 1936....its just the cost of today's journalists explaining what happened and the print cost. Its actually fairly cheap to manufacture this.

I will admit I am a historian and enjoy looking at newspaper accounts of events fifty or one hundred years ago. This type of publication might be decent to read from a historians standpoint, but as the regular guy on the street might view it? Its Nazi-era news buddy.....and nothing else.