Friday, 16 January 2009

How the Mighty Will Fall

In about a week...the news media will get a shift in focus. For five years, they've been out selling opposition to just about anything connected to the administration or the functions of the US government.

Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann have made their brilliant emergence as the "bad-boys" of the media, to gain a vast ( least enough viewers to counter a WWE wrestling match on Monday night) audience. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC have all built a huge focus and got great numbers on playing the negative side of the Bush administration.

The plain truth is that opposition and negative reporting sell....kinda like the National Enquirer. Folks want to see this kind of stuff. They want a hard ass piece of journalism.

So in a month or viewer numbers start to fade for the "bad-boys", and MSNBC has meetings to determine how they regain viewers who are turning off the TV and gardening....the only real answers are: fire the hight cost guys then wait eight years for something to develop, or go negative on Obama and his team. In the beginning....they will try to puff up every piece and make people feel good. But the numbers just won't be good after a month or two.

So something strange will develop.....Fox will find "negativity" sells....and gains on the opposition. At some of the other networks will go negative, and find growth overnight. The remaining guys....perhaps even Keith Olbermann....will eventually have to go negative in some fashion.

I realize this is slaming the American dream that so many have had for the past twelve months.....but the fact is....we buy negativity now....not positive marks. This is the sad truth of America in 2009.

Criticism wags the tail. Harsh words gain respect. Negative reports mean profits. I know this is silly and you'd like to think otherwise....but ponder this: after Cinderella finally married her guy....was there anything left for the local media to report on after that point?

Bama: Fireplaces and Winter

When my dad built his "new" house in the mid 1960s....there was no fireplace....just central heat. He simply didn't have much of an appreciation for fireplaces or messing with them. My introduction to fireplaces was at my granddad's place. From early November, until early April....they kept the fireplace running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No central heat, just a plain fire. The bathroom had some kinda of electrical heat, but the rest of the house was based off this living room fireplace.

I came to have a dislike similar to my dads on this deal. You had to tote in coal and firewood, and clean out the ashes. But after all of this was done....especially, if wood was used...this was this wonderful scent in the room.

Around twenty years dad came to grasp the price of natural gas was going up and he staged a shocker....adding a fireplace or contained the house. Naturally, he frowned on coal....and took to firewood. So he runs this on awful cold days and uses the central air unit sparingly.

I've never been lucky to live in a house or have my own place with a fireplace. I did have that Denmark house once....where I had to run the fireplace in the midst of July because temperatures got down into the low fifties at night.

If ever given a chance....I'd like to think I'd buy a house with a fireplace. Naturally.....I'd frown on coal, and do the wood business....just to have that smell in the house. There are some things, which I come to think the midst of winter....of Bama and life there. This is one of those things. A fireplace adds a house. Its a natural heat....that you like to feel. So on these awful damn cold Arctic evenings in Germany....there is something that I'd like to acquire....and you know what it is.