Saturday, 17 January 2009

Torture, Period

This past week, thanks to the handshake-hearings in DC with new Obama players....we got the entire topic of torture back on the front burner. Basically....the new attorney general has agreed in absoluteness that torture is simply wrong, and won't be tolerated. The news media is saying that the President-elect will immediately give out an order to halt all torture on day one of his administration.

For several years, I've been in the category of questioning any effective nature of torture by the CIA. Here, I will note....there are degrees of torture....from limiting a guy to certain foods or putting certain scents in his waterboarding. The more drastic episodes....are not really delivering what people think. You can ask any expert from the 1950/1960 period....and they will all admit that extreme torture delivers nothing but questionable statements. A guy will admit to anything....even make up end extreme torture. The value frankly, is zero.

How the Bush administration, Rumsfeld, and an entire group of CIA wits came to the opposite a good question to ask. Cheney himself will proudly boast that it has made a difference. My humble guess is that someone briefed him about one bit of admission during a torture and he took it to be 4-star information. The briefer probably didn't mention to him that 99 other bits of information was of no value and fabricated.

The potential of taking these guys who were tortured in any measure to court? I think its virtually zero now. Most judges don't want a tainted trial....even if they are military judges.

Is torture to be completely forbidden now? No....they will go back to the odd episodes of bland food, Ozzy Osborne music, pictures of Barney on the wall, video of Madonna grabbing her crotch, and guards wearing bunny bring these guys to their knees. The truth is....even as the Nazis came to admit....simply being nice and giving "favors" to gain "favors" likely to be the best method of torture.

Honestly, we torture kids each day in America by putting them in classrooms with deranged teachers. We have verbal torture with the PTL or 700 Club each day via the TV. We have Aunt Mona who shows up wearing a tube top and drunk at the family dinner each night. We have bosses who put us through 3-hour meetings to discuss the color of a new product. We have Coke trying to sneak in various new ingredients which aren't natural and trigger serious gas attacks. We have Ford making cars which are broke six weeks out of the year, and the dimwit mechanics unable to explain why the brakes only work 98 percent of the time. We have septic tanks which overflow and create havoc in our yards. All of these....ARE torture. Have no doubt.....we live with torture on a daily basis. Just filling out a damn absentee ballot.....can be torture for a 75-year old Republican guy who is blind and his wife is a hardcore democrat.

Does this magnificent change do anything to hinder the "war"? No. Tomorrow....somewhere in the midst of a mountain pass in Afghanistan....some dimwit is planning another attack on America....which involves a dozen Islamic women and probable carbombs. If that week, another guy will plan a episode in Paris. This is the one thing we can count haven't made a dent in the entire process....they are still planning.

Porta-Hell, DC

There are now five thousand porta-potties based in Washington DC, for the relief of folks visiting on Tuesday. They are various colors and shapes....from ten different vendors. This is supposed to help two million people.

I did the math. By ten that morning....I have serious doubts that this will be sufficient. There will be troubles.

There is also the threat of hundreds of teenagers tipping over porta-potties, with people trapped inside. Some folks will freak out while the mess in the bottom gets all over them and they run around in front of cameras with crap (literally) over all them. I can just imagine some CNN analyst weeping over the shame, the shame, the shame.

For you guys showing up on Tuesday....I wish you alot of luck. You'll need it. Don't drink coffee until the late afternoon....otherwise, you might be stuck on the pot. Don't expect them to be heated, while the temperature hovers around 36 degrees. If you do visit....carry some heavy disinfectant and spray like its Honduras in the spring. Carry some toilet paper with you because people from DC will likely steal whats in the facility. For those looking for a neat place to have five minutes of hot lust with your girlfriend....don't do it....don't even think about it.