Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Rush and Obama: Tag Team Partners?

When Friday came to an end, and the Obama team laid out the challenge for the Republicans to distance themselves from Rush Limbaugh....I just sat there shaking my head in disbelief. They were inviting themselves into a conflict of sorts with some radio announce....and not moving forward.

So over the weekend....Rush naturally came out swinging. He's addressing the entire stimulus package and putting these guys into a tight position. They should have never mentioned his name....but it's like they wanted trouble.

The Rush plan is rather simple.....make the package one trillion dollars, and give the Obama team around $540 billion to spend as they want....and then the other $460 billion are to be tax credits for business operations and real people. Since Obama wanted to insist that he won the election...the Rush plan simply splits the money 54 percent to 46 percent.....as silly as one can get.....and then Rush's scheme is to use Reagan tactics to give tax credits back to stimulate the economy.

In some simplistic manner, tax credits have traditionally helped the economy heal its wounds. In this case here, I'd have some doubts, but there simply isn't a sure fire way of knowing how well it'll work. Adding to this misery....is the fact that so much of the $800 billion that Obama was talking about.....has little to do about sustaining jobs or coming into play this year.

The pains of pushing fast on this entire deal? The admnistration has to clear this out of the way before the states rush in and ask for another trillion for their own money....expected by late Feb. This isn't a great timetable to work with. If the Republicans stall....and nothing happens for two weeks.....then the states have to start worrying about their timeline and if two masive bailouts can co-exist (I doubt they can both pass at the same time).

Meanwhile, Rush is sitting there....kinda laughing because he's supposed to be a non-player. And now, he's actually a Obama player in this soap opera of sorts. Its almost like a wrestling match....with the evil guys becoming the good guys, then switching over to evil again.