Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Our British Friends

The Times reports today (meaning the one and only Times...UK of course) that British Conservative Party leader David Cameron has made a vow. If elected to be Prime Minister....he will overnight....end UK government secrecy over UFOs and extraterrestrials.

David says bluntly....he wants to be "entirely open and frank" about alien dudes.

Shocking, to say the least.

One has to wonder, if McCain had such a promise....if things might have been different.

So what does this do for David's chances? Britain is not the US....its a country made of elites, rock stars, brilliant basement geniuses, Amy Winehouse, comedians, the queen, Lords, lost souls, sons of Shakespeare, actresses who make you weep, former MG mechanics who work at a day job and spend six hours in their private garage at night trying to rebuild the "MG-dream", two punk princes who'd like to cruise Arizona on Harleys, mad men, and drunk women whose husbands had sex-change operations.

This is the sad truth. Its a country on the verge of carrying the world...based on their brilliance or their wit. And somehow, they are stumbling along....with a bit of humor or ale in their system.

It would be humorous if David got elected and opened up the find three slim folders sitting detailing the way to change the combination of the vault, a second detailing the way to classify data in the vault, and a third mentioning a visit in 1936 by aliens...which didn't go very well...with the aliens leaving the plans on how to build the MG as their "gift" to mankind.

Would I vote a guy in....just to open up alien and UFO vaults? Well...I'm thinking we've voted idiots into office in the US for reasons of a similar quality. Maybe it'd make things just a tad more interesting.

Grassley and Porn

Apparently, we've got another congressional investigation of sorts starting up. There is a story from yesterday that a top member of the Senate Finance Committee (Senator Chuck Grassley) launched an inquiry into reports that National Science Foundation officials were using their office CPUs....government view porn during working hours. From what we can figure out....there were several internal investigations about abuse of computer systems...and they were mentioned in minor detail in the government agency's semi-annual report.

The one item that did go into detail....lays out the basic story of a NSF "senior official"....who was apparently spending around 20 percent of his work hours "viewing sexually explicit" Web sites. When this all got figured came to around $58,000 in employee compensation, which they apparently went back and identified...and forced this guy into coughing the money up.

Grassley, amusingly enough....wants the NSF to disclose all "specific reports of investigations, audit reports, evaluations and information supporting the examination of the NSF network drive" by "ensure that NSF properly fulfills its mission to strengthen scientific and engineering research, and makes responsible use of the public funding provided for these research disciplines."

I kinda laughed about this. First, each case is confidential between the individual and the organization, plus the investigating officer. I would have some doubts that they can pull out every single investigation and show every single detail. As for why Grassley needs to acquire all the data and micromanage unknown. Although, one might suspect that the chief of the organization brought this guy in...took him to the audit guys, and made him pay up. He is likely still at the organization still today. Maybe thats Grassley's problem...who knows.

This is the thing that I really can't understand about using office networks or CPUs to cruise porn sites. Its utterly stupid and lays a tremendous trail out. I've seen around a dozen folks over the past decade on the base I work at....which got figured out and ended up with punishment (not just financial in nature, but losing a stripe). In each single case, they routinely went to the guy's house and searched his CPU for illegal porn. If the guy was really lucky....he didn't have any. But in most of these cases, they found additional stuff which was very illegal and simply got them deeper into trouble.

Before the computer age, all of these guys simply collected up video tapes and hardly ever got into trouble at the office or at home. But it seems like over the past fifteen years.....we've gone into a new age where guys get addicted and really don't understand the ease of tracking them or their stupidity.

So maybe the bottom line here....if we tune into Grassley's episode....we might find a few new porn sites identified in the ceremony (I'm hoping Grassley asks them for the exact site)......maybe he just wants some better sites to cruise to.