Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Poker Party

At some point over the weekend....in Chicago.....four ladies and one guy were playing cards. To be honest, this was around 2AM. At some point in this card game, there was a discussion, and the ladies began to argue with the dude.

The dude involved, had apparently broke one of their cigarettes. The ladies, in a fury.....ordered the dude to leave. At this point, as he was attempting to exit the apartment.....he apparently decided to throw a beer bottle at the front door.

At this point, the ladies discussed how the dude had "disrespected" them. They decided to find him and hurt him.

They found the dude in the courtyard of 8147 S. Drexel. There, the ladies allegedly beat and stomped on the dude. One lady stabbed the dude repeatedly with a knife, then handed the weapon to another woman, who also stabbed him. The dude eventually died from the stabbing and beating. The cops kinda followed the blood trail back to the apartment house and found the found the four ladies.

I sat there for a long while...and then something odd struck me over this entire event. How many guys would show up and pay poker or cards with four women? In thirty-odd years associated with the Air Force, I know of no such event ever occurring. I can remember barracks poker where one dynamic female would show up and play poker but that was it....never more than one female. I can remember two guys showing up to play two females in a round of strip poker in their barracks room (at least they admitted it later). I can remember four drunk guys playing poker and all passing out on the floor because shots of booze were involved for the losing party of each hand.

So this is a rather odd story and you have to wonder how this guy came to visit the four ladies and how he got all upset with the beer bottle.

A Comfy 84 or Better

Some guys have gotten tied around the axel about the temperature in the White House.

One of the big comments in the campaign was "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times."

Apparently, one of the first big pictures that flashed around late last week....to turn up the temperature in the oval office....was this silly shot of the boy sitting there in shirt sleeves and acting cool. The thing is....at 72 degrees....this would be a bit chilly. So naturally, someone asked if there was increased heat in the White House, and got a confirmed "yes". The boys won't try to deny it but say its not worth discussing. They won't say how hot it is....but I'm guessing without any sweat showing.....its around 84 degrees there.

I have two opinions about this discussion. First, the shirtsleeves thing is a gimmick, like alot of other stuff. You can sit there and play this game, with the room temperature at 84, and feel ok about this. You can't really appear in public though and say we all have to give up something for the sake of America. It makes you look awful dang silly.

But now, I come to something more important....to be frank here....if I were president, I'd be meeting in jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. I might occasionally have a meeting with my Braves shirt on. I might even wear a pair of shorts on real hot days. Most of us are regular folks and we really don't care to dress fancy seven days a week and always have a pair of fresh underwear on (Bama-lingo for looking fresh all the time).

The curious thing will be that generals will be showing up in the White House within days for presentations for the president, and wear their full-up suit. Naturally, they don't go in shirt sleeves. With the Obama office hanging around 84 degrees, I'm guessing that the generals will be baking and sweating there. They won't dare remove any of their gear, and they will be in need of fresh ice tea and water by the end of their meeting. I'll feel sorry for these fellas.