Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Stimulus in Bama

I blogged a bit Sunday....over the one and only stimulus deal in my hometown...a bridge.

After a brief search today, there are a couple of comments over the East College Street bridge project in Florence, which I blogged. Apparently, the bridge in question…is not to cross the Tennessee River, but to cross the Cyprus Creek “swamp” area. So I will stand corrected on that measure, but basically I’m still correct….it provides little to nothing in “gain” for the community, still pushes the low-income housing out, and is a land-enhancement vehicle for speculators. In fact, once you leave the city of Florence and cross this bridge….it will be the bridge to an open crop field, which you can only imagine $250k houses built there eventually
on the other side of the Cyprus Creek area…is basically open land with no real value. Its forest or fields, then you come to the swamp. Some environmentalists would say that this is a “wet-land”….which I can’t argue much against. As for saying it should be protected….I’d have to question that thought. What we are talking about is likely a 2,000 ft access area from the main highway on the opposite side of town, leading up to the swamp, and then crossing it to the East College Street area. Its not worth discussing in terms of bothering wetlands. And any idiot who’d want to put a house or a housing development up….might want to count the number of water moccasins there in the region (we don’t talk hundreds…we’d best talk thousands).

So we are back to a waste of money, with little to be gained for anyone on the East College Street way of life. Other than watching their properties disappear, the gain here is zero for local residents. Land speculators are the ones to make value on this deal.

Dire California!

So today, was the release of a major interview with the new Secretary of Energy. We must warn you.....he is a Nobel-prize-winner physicist, that may turn you off real quick.

Apparently, Steve Chu has put some very dire words out now....warning of water shortages in the West and Upper Midwest. He paints an absolutely black picture of California. For those of you from Bama who don't realize it....those folks in California claim to be the nation's leading agricultural producer. Bama folks might challenge that. Steve apparently believes that up to 90 percent of the Sierra snowpack could disappear....although we ought to hint strongly "could"....because its not really pure science that he uses in this concept of blackness.

I sat there for a while...thinking about this. Then finally, I came to this reality...Steve is scaring the crap out of California that they move to Bama.

Yes, thats the whole draw to this story. He'll eventually convince three million California dudes and gals to move to Bama. Naturally, it'll be the Hollywood crowd that we get stuck with. I'm pretty sure that some moving van will come and pick up the "Hollywood" sign and move it to Red Bay....and start tossing up $3 million homes left and right there.

At some point, Hollywood will end up in Athens, and then we get the Beverly Hills crowd over in Tuscumbia. Naturally, its all northern Bama that will get stuck with these folks who are fear of the dark end of California.

The sure sign of this? Some Senator will offer tax credits for those wealthy folks to resettle in Bama...$5 million or $8 million for the jetset crowd. Eventually, we will be stuck with these idiots....all because of Steve's dire descriptions of hell on earth.

Its a pretty sad state when some dimwit runs around....scaring up folks....and then smiles at the cameras at the end...for his picture to be taken. Something just ain't least, we'd say this in Bama.