Friday, 13 February 2009

Single in Dismal Times

There is this problem in existence today.....with conservative singles. Someone made the comment to me the other day, and I've paused over it for several days....thinking.

Since this election....with a good 55-odd percent of the public taking a strong position on the Democratic side of the house.....there is this smaller group of 45-odd percent. And with politics all charged up, there is this festering problem with singles from the conservative side between the age of 25 and 35. Basically, we've gotten so charged up that now, these folks can't possibly date a liberal....under any circumstance.

It used to be that folks had "filters".....they were looking for a datable guy or gal who was lightly this, or this religion, or this race, or this hobby type, or this height, or this kinda smoker, or that kinda drinker, or this kinda socializer. Now, we have to mix in politics too?

My brother is the worst "filter" maker in the world for socializing with ladies or women or trailer trash or hostile gals. He probably has 44 different "filters". Being from Bama, you'd think that a guy would just say a gal who drinks whiskey from a glass, votes Democrat and Republican on occasion, and likes catfish would be enough....but he's gone to the far extreme, and even added a political filter.

In his mind, you need to lean to the right, but not talk so far to the right that you might be McCain-crazy, then you need to be anti-liberal but willing to listen to NPR for just a little bit of slanted news, then you need to be a fairly intelligent gal who can comprehend a use-car salesman's speech.

His 44 different "filter" processes tend to make a permanent gal possibility less than three percent. Toss in the fact that you can't have an interest in NCAA camping crazy arts and crafts snake pet dry county cigar smoking radical trailer trash gals.....educated but no PhD types.....and must have a slight liking of blue grass or folks makes it damn hard to see this "filter" working.

So across America....thousands and thousands of single gals and guys....are really having a difficult time. Those liberal opposite types just won't work in their mind. How can a gal marry a dimwit guy who voted for Biden and Obama? How can a guy marry up with a gal who's hugging her Pelosi doll? It just won't work.

I'm of a fearing nature....thinking that we might be in for a dark and dismal time for you single folks. You may have to move out to Ireland or find the right partner.

Senator Gregg

Yesterday, Senator Gregg finally said enough....and turned down the Secretary of Commerce position. Ten days ago....this was pretty much a done deal.....and then the Census Bureau move to the White House....probably unsettled him.

I don't think he ever expected the White House to become unhinged and so quickly take the Census Bureau out of the Commerce Department. It barely took three days....and it was a done deal. Most everyone, except the media, was surprised. The media....acted like there was no problem....which was the real shocker of this deal.

So the longer that Senator Gregg sat there and thought about this "slap"....the insult of suggesting that he couldn't be fair in terms of the census but he could run the commerce department.....the amused he got (my thinking). So yesterday, he finally said enough was enough.

So the President standing there now with a huge problem which has to be explained on the weekend talk shows. This was the 4-star slap that Senator Gregg gave them....because the media can't ignore this episode now.

So here are the three options. First, they could appoint a democrat and hand the Census Bureau back to the Commerce department. I'm thinking....this won't happen, because it really makes the White House look like idiots. Second, they will just pick some loser of a Democratic guy to be the Commerce Secretary and just pretend everything is ok with the Census Bureau under the White House Chief of Staff. This makes them look foolish because they already said the the chief complaint that started this.....was that a Republican was controlling the Census Bureau. Finally, my solution....move the Chief of Staff over to the Commerce Department....and let him run things like he wanted. It means a new Chief of Staff has to be found, but obviously, this was what Rahm wanted in the first place.

If you had to suggest a really big and stupid to mistake to make in the first month....this was the big one. They really didn't seem to get the whole jest of the problem and kept thinking that they could play with a deck of cards that was corrupted. So they are back to step one.