Saturday, 14 February 2009

This Winter of our Hardship

“This winter of our hardship.”

This was the week that President tossed out the phrase, which a multitude of media moths took to the air and got all peppy about. They all think its the quote of the year.

I sat there for a while....pondering.

Why is it a "winter" of our hardship? Why not a "fall" or "summer" or "spring"? Don't they fit just as well? Are we stuck on winter being awful and then this matches up well with "hardship"?

Are we stuck in 2012, with the phrase of "This is the summer of our dreams?"

All of this is simply too Steinbeckish in nature...almost out of "Grapes of Wreath" or "Sea of Cortez".

Do any of these guys really know what it feels like during the winter of our hardship? They need a dose of Bama winter and its damn hardships.

Have any of them ever dug up a septic tank in March?

Have any of them ever gotten up at midnight to help a neighbor pull a calf?

Have any of them ever had two flat tires in one afternoon?

Have any of them ever had a mother-in-law call and announce she was coming over and staying three months?

Have any of them ever had a cousin call and ask for bail money because they assaulted some guy at a bar two counties over?

Have any of them ever had their electrical lines go down in a ice storm, and had the power company smile as they said it'd be twelve days before power would go back up?

Have any of them had a drunk neighbor show up and they wanted to confess to twenty-two different crimes?

Have any of them ever had Johnny Junior call to let you know that his transmission went out near Birmingham (actually in a strip joint), and they need you to drive at midnight down to help them with the vehicle?

I kinda doubt that the President, CBS, the media, and any of the Sunday talkshow hosts really know much about "winter" and "hardship"...and if they won't match up in comparison to our own "winters".

Another night in the heartland.

A Census Explanation

About two weeks ago, the President announced that he would move the Census Bureau from the Commerce Department....over to the White House, under the Chief of personally supervise the census of 2010. The announcement came with the explanation that several black groups felt the new Republican Secretary of Commerce could not be trusted. They were worried about the anticipated events of the 2010 census. Naturally, no one has said a word since Thursday night when Senator Gregg said adios to the position. Some folks think they might reverse the movement of the Census Bureau....but most think nothing will change.

For the last ten days, I've sat and pondered this entire event and the excuse given by the White House.

Several states anticipate a shift in the population....and they will lose representation in congress. States mentioned as losing a representative each? Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are typically mentioned when this topic comes up. The gainers? Texas, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

How happy are the folks from the losing states? Not that happy. But the census is absolute in its details....or it was up until this episode with the White House running it.

So I looked over this mess and wondered the key reason why the black groups were disturbed over the census, and then came to an interesting scenario.

In this case, I'll use the New Orleans area of Louisiana. I don't have the ready facts to drive one hundred percent, but things will be apparent in a minute or two.

Lets say there are three districts around New Orleans.

District one has one million residents (2000 number). The district had a split of:
- 48 percent black (98 percent Democrat vote typically)
- 40 percent white (45 percent Democrat, 55 percent Republican)
- Remainder of 12 percent were various ethnic groups (voting 40 percent Democrat, 50 percent Republican, and 10 percent Independent)
- Naturally, the Democrat representative was black and always won.

So we come to the 2010 census with District one, and discover a big problem:
- 35 percent black (alot of folks didn't return to this district after the Hurricane), (98 percent Democrat vote typically)
- 40 percent White (35 percent Democrat, 65 percent Republican).
- 20 percent Asian (now they've got political clout), (20 percent Democrat, 80 percent Republican)
- 5 percent Latino (70 percent Democrat, 30 percent Republican)
- The Asians now have clout and likely will have their guy as the winner, denying a black representative for the state, and the nation.

Now we go next door with District 2 and the 2000 census We encounter the same numbers. Both districts were developed to maximize on black Democratic vote. In both cases, the black population didn't return, so the political clout left the area. In this case, it might well be still a majority of Democrats, but more prone to vote for a white representative.

The third district? This was further away from damage...fewer people left, and it was mostly middle-class folks in this region. The blacks that didn't return to district one or two...found new housing developments here in this area, and a better chance of jobs. This area gained on the black population and now amounts to 39 percent black. Its enough to ensure a sure Democratic vote, but its typically going to be a white guy running in this region.

So here were three districts in 2000 with a solid Democrat base, and two black representatives. Today....there's likely a Asian Rep from one district and two white Democratic Representatives from the remaining district.

So you apply this scene to metro areas in the losing states....which were always Democrat winners...and in a number of Representatives. If people left the inner city, and moved out to nicer neighborhoods....then the old district won't be the same number and it'll be harder to rig the election to go Democrat.

So far, there are no media groups readily discussing this whole affair. What we a whole generation of people....who have given up on the inner city and are trying to find a way out of their "mess". The power brokers really don't want this type of development to screw up their method of getting the vote.

The actual populations of Memphis, New Orleans, Detroit and some other major urban areas....with major black representation? I'm going to bet that if they do an actual hands-on census....each will be 10 percent less than the Census Bureau thought they were. What they will find is that the missing ten percent....likely went to the next district over in most cases....looking for better living conditions.

Maybe one day...perhaps at the end of 2010 when the Census is in hot debate....the media might actually stand up and explain my scenario, and let people get an idea of why this is all important to some folks.

Obama Blackberry to Be Cracked?

Off of several news sites today....the commentary that Obama's Blackberry will be cracked sooner or mostly what I said two weeks ago. I even described the exact scenario that they are talking about....going after the address at the sender's location....friends of get inside Obama's system.

The odds of this happening? I will stand now....and predict by the end of June....he will be cracked. The Secret Service will be furious and the media will ask lots of stupid questions about how such a thing could happen.....with all of the dimwits on CNN suddenly wondering if their Blackberry's could be cracked too? if the KGB hadn't already cracked theirs or the Chinese secret services.

Blackberry? They have nothing to worry about....these people are so addictive that this whole mess will simply slide over and all of the idiots will continue to be cracked month after month. Every comment that Obama makes via his Blackberry....will eventually end up in some open forum where we are chatting and wondering about who the hell "Doris" is, and why he wanted to meet her.....or why he kept using the word "understanding" when dealing with some guy back in the Illinois senate who has connections and bribe money ready to send.

Just another day in America.

A Thousand Pages

Typically, when someone writes a thousand pages of something...its either bound for the recycling bin or its bound for a Nobel Prize in Literature. In the case of the stimulus package....its hard to classify this might be worthy fiction, except we know its not fiction.

To the best of our knowledge....and not one single representative or senator has emerged to argue this....NOT one single guy or gal read the thing....yet they voted on it. This is the incredible part of this entire episode. I could have inserted language into it which would have required Alabama counties to report all roadkill to a Bama state office of roadkill....funded of course by the stimulus package. They'd naturally be federal roadkill officials.....with big SUVs running the roads of Bama....and probably killing a dozen critters a week by themselves.

Its neat how this is all done on Friday....which gives everyone a chance to take the weekend off....drink lots of free booze provided by their lobbyists....grin at the escort gals that the lobbyists provided....and golf all day Saturday at a private club deal arranged by the lobbyists. Somewhere in the midst of news....we even found out that the lobbyists got a full and complete copy of the stimulus package....before the congressmen and senators. Minor deal though....because even those idiots can read a thousand pages.

It'd be nice to require each guy to stand and listen to the document be read in open form within the house or senate....and then pass. Then would have required an entire week, and probably put most to sleep.

You can sit and challenge your senator or congressman on this whole thing. The Republican guys are standing there and admitting that this has zero value, yet haven't read much of anything. The Democrat guys are admitting that there is much in here....but they haven't read it all. Yet, they voted? Something is not right here.

Had you bought a property with a 100-page transfer document would have read the thing and likely paid a lawyer to help as well. Had you made a loan with a bank and had a 15-page would have read the whole thing before signing. Yet in this away $800-odd billion....required nothing much. This is the part that I don't get.

I'm just a regular guy....fairly educated....and with a fair amount of common sense. I can't find any logic which would have directed me to stamp my name and signature onto this....without reading the document. I have certain words to describe these folks who voted and signed off on this...but they are mostly words of foolishness. The sad thing....its really my money that they gave away. And I probably won't get a penny of that back.

Mexico Equals Somalia?

In recent days, there's been a national topic tossed around about how Mexico might be on the verge of total collapse. There are actually national agencies and think-tanks now going over the implications and what might transpire within the US border. Its for most people to a total collapse of I pondered over this and came to a decent scenario which might convince you of this possibility.

In my scenario....over a 100-day period....a dozen police chiefs and two hundred Mexican policemen are killed by narco-enthusiasts. The drug gangs are desperately trying to establish absolute control. Two state governors are killed within this period. At least four hundred civilians are left on the street dead. Then, the calm before the storm.....a week or two where the President of Mexico promises action.

In some public setting.....a drug gang attacks the President of Mexico and kills him. The number two man steps up and promises immediate action, but after about two weeks of nothing much.....some military generals in Mexico now believe that the new temporary President is working for the drug gangs. The generals meet and discuss the matter. Hours later....the dozen generals are arrested for treason. The national police engage on each of these generals.

Hours pass, and then battalions of Mexican army personnel show up at each police station to claim their general, or promise to storm the building. The cops all escape and the generals are freed.

At this point, President Obama convenes the NSC and considers the implications. Ten thousand US Army personnel are put on alert and placed near two major points along the border. At least 100 thousand more Army personnel are alerted and are on stand-by.

A hundred days have passed. The government of Mexico is in total chaos. Most of the established and rich families are moving their wives and kids out of Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, and the US. At least fifteen thousand people per day are exiting Mexico.

By this point, the national media and newspapers are taken over by the National Police, who are taking orders by the temporary President. The drug gangs are continuing their war on the northern front....killing any government official that exists in a state near the US border.

At the 130 day point, its believed now that 500,000 Mexicans have left the country, and now the rush is on. 100,000 people appear at the transit point of El Paso each day to beg entry. President Obama has to rig up a temporary entry program with visas. Over a ten-day period....almost two million Mexicans cross the US border and are being herded into Army-run camps along the border. Tempers flare as they thought they'd be allowed more freedom and less military control.

The Mexican generals now declare war on the temporary president of Mexico and the National Police. The US quietly provides intelligence personnel and helps to identify the gangs involved in the entire operation. At least four hundred people per day are killed during this 30-day period of open warfare. In the end, the Mexican president escapes to Venezuela. The Mexican generals now appoint a 3-man commission to run the country for twelve months. The majority of drug gangs have been captured or killed.

Across the border in the US....drug prices have escalated significantly....doubling over a 100-day period. With the whole border tightly controlled now.....nothing is getting across. As the Mexican generals take charge.....the drug spiral continues on....with thousands of Americans in desperation over where to get their next "hit".

At best estimates.....110,000 Mexicans were killed in this six-month long period. The Mexicans in the US camps? They just don't trust the situation and want to be allowed to stay. President Obama and crew are in a bad situation with no method of making anyone happy. These people are eventually forced across the border, with very harsh criticism for the Obama team from American Latinos. This translates into lost votes for the next election and nightly commentary via the Spanish radio stations across America. The Fairness Doctrine is now discussed and applied quickly to Spanish radio stations. To the amusement of all....Rush Limbaugh and the conservatives of America stand by the Spanish stations.

The scenario I portray is likely one of a dozen or so....that is realistic in nature and simplifies the whole process of whole things fall apart. Can we stop it? No....this part I am sure of....we have no method of fixing or improving the situation. It is a spiral that will occur....sooner or later.