Monday, 2 March 2009

Auschwtz, The Camp

Its a curious story....Auschwtz, the former Nazi concentration camp in Poland, is apparently in need of renovation. Its a museum of sorts currently. The historical impact of the facility has been kept intact.

The Prime Minister of Poland came out late last week....asking members of the EU for $150 million to provide restoration work. The facility? Its a 495-acre site...with 155 buildings left, and around 300 ruins within the site (the barracks remain and the gas chambers).

This isn't exactly a high priority project. Germany stood in public view and has offered $1.3 million presently...a long way to the $150 million. At best, I'd imagine that France and the UK might offer up a couple of million. No one else will have much interest right the present crisis period.

$150 million? Its hard to imagine this much spent on a site that probably didn't cost more than $30k to build in the first place. Most everything was wood....and not really meant to last more than forty years. The museum? A concrete and brick facility but probably replaceable for less than $12 million. New roofs and paint for the old barracks...a new paved parking lot....and you've likely spent $20 million at the most. The other $130 million? Who knows?

I don't buy the $150 million number....neither do the Germans. The sad thing here is that site is pretty much off the beaten track. You have to want to go there. Its not in a tourist zone. Its not near a major metropolitan city. The site doesn't make money, nor does it really help that much in bringing vast numbers of tourists to the region.

Its hard to justify this much money, unless its mostly for a cash-cow enterprise. Its tragic in some ways...for something like this turn into a cash-cow deal.

The Question

This is the question....if you had $8 million and nothing much on your plate....would you buy 15,000 hours of the PTL Club Show?

There is An Atlanta investment bank auctioning off these tapes (15,000 videotaped episodes) of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's show.

For those who don't remember the show...."The PTL Club," aired from 1974 to 1987.

Jim was the peppy happy Jesus dude....and his lovely wife was the half-dopey friendly gal who always had four pounds of make-up on her face.

Who would buy 15,000 hours? How would you regain your investment?

I sat and pondered over this for ten minutes. Even if I had millions to spare....I'd be embarrassed to have my name get out that I was the buyer. As for the method gain-back? Well....I sat and thought about all those hours of old shows like Knight Rider and Bonanza that folks just naturally watch....without even thinking about it. So I'd start up a channel playing these 15,000 episodes....twenty-four hours a day. I'm thinking that I could have well over 10,000 folks watching throughout the south on a hourly basis.

Heck, I might even offer up dial-up calls where you could call and we'd pretend to be Jim and offer up advice on family, social or personal matters....for $1.99 a minute naturally. Twice a year, we'd have some hotel arrangement in Fort Lauderdale where we'd meet and discuss various episodes, consume some beer and booze, and eat up some chicken wings. The problem is.....I'd really prefer that folks not know its me who owns the $8 million in tapes.